Lab puppy diarrhea green grey runny

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Lab puppy diarrhea green grey runny

Post by harryhydr » Sat, 18 Jun 2011 08:51:04

Hi Folks:
We took in a sick puppy that was 'loaded with worms' as he vet said.
He gave her some medication and the next day, the puppy defecated a
'bowl of spaghetti'.  It was disturbing. All through this, the puppy
was active and playful. After this, the stool slowly became normal
over a week or so. That was a few weeks ago.

Just yesterday, the puppy suddenly started passing a light green/grey
watery fluid. It's almost a water consistency. She didn't want to eat,
either. The wife took her to the vet and he gave her a shot. She
pepped up and started eating almost immediately. This morning she was
playful and hungry.just after passing more green/grey water, but now
she isn't interested in eating again, and is in fact just resting in
her pen. The wife said she vomited up the previous feeding.  She
doesn't seem to be too effected 'mood' by this. She'll still lay down
and want a belly rub, but she suddenly isn't very active. I think the
vet is doing her good, but it's $90 every time and I'm out of cash. I
have 12 cats they don't cost this much..

However, I understand that dehydration is the biggest danger. Her skin
returns back quickly. Her ribs are big around, but not much on the
ribs. We're feeding her Mighty Dog with some Nurto Natural Choice hard
puppy food in it. (chicken, rice, and oatmeal formula). Always with
water and a bowl of water nearby.

This might have started with a bout of extreme hunger. When we were
walking her she was stopping to eat everything, even dirt and stones.
Here's a video I took at that time:

She gives her treats to try to train her. Right now it's Beggin'
Strips.  I've been giving her a half-can of Mighty Dog with Natural
Choice puppy bites in the morning, then the rest of the can at night.
Until now, she's 'chowed' that down in a minute. Is a can a day to
much? Is something else better?
Any suggestions appreciated.