Hello Misty. HOWE'S Peaches Today?

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Hello Misty. HOWE'S Peaches Today?

Post by Jerry How » Thu, 04 Apr 2002 23:51:28

Hello Misty,

I'm asking a tough favor. Would you be kind enough to tell our dog lovers
HOWE COME your dog Peach is DEAD?

My version is when you first posted here, everybody told you to killfile
Jerry cause he's a liar and his methods are dangerous. Because EVERYBODY
said that, you naturally believe ALL OUR DOG LOVERS.

That's HOWE COME your dog Peach is DEAD now, cause you listened to the guys
who ARE the liars and dog abusers I warn our posters about, our rpdb members
Gang Of Thugs, like ed w of pet loss dot CON and alikat (roo), and the rest
of our liars, dog chokers, shockers and killers.

I've NEVER told anyone to use fear or force on their dogs or killfile a
poster or INFORMATION, cause I've got nothing to gain from IGNORANT people
HURTING dogs to train them.

I'm writing to you publicly because I'm puttin everybody on the hot spot,
and I need the help of folks who've been there, and done that, so to speak.

Nothing teaches better than the Wits' End Dog Training Method School Of HARD

Wouldn't you agree?

Ask Robert Crim.

> Hey, do like me, and killfile Jerry.
> He has millions of people aleady reading his posts and
> watching him extract his soggy  foot out of his mouth!
> Out of these MILLIONS, I've only seen 2 naive childs
> come forward and actually believe in his training manual.
Robert Crim writes:

I assume that I and my wife are those two naive childs
since I freely admit to having read and, I hope,
understood enough of the manual and it's counterparts by
John Fisher and the posts of Marilyn Rammell to believe
and use it.

This naive child would like to say thank you to both
Jerry and Marilyn for putting up with a constant barrage
of really infantile ***at the hands of supposedly
*** dog lovers.

The other naive child (LSW) has to put up with the
nagging idea that if people like them had been posting
earlier, maybe we would not have had to hold the head
of a really magnificent animal in our arms while he was
given the needle and having to hug him and wait until he
gasped his last gasp.

To my mind, "naive" is believing you can terrorize a dog
into good behavior.  Naive is believing that people that
hide behind fake names are more honest than people that
use their real names.  Naive is thinking that dilettante
dog breeders and amateur "trainers" like Joey
(lyingdogDUMMY, j.h.) are the equal or better than
those that have studied and lived by their craft for

"Stupid" is believing that people do not see kindergarten
level insults for what they are. Really stupid is believing
that people like Jerry Howe and Marilyn Rammell are
going to just go away because you people act like fools.

Why do you act like fools?  I really have no idea, and I
don't really care.

> And, to date: I've not seen ONE come forward and
> actually admit to buying and having success with his
> little black box.

I think I'm going to get one myself for Father's day and
take it down to the Animal Shelter for their use and
testing. You would never believe the results, so you'll
never know.

> Anyone by now that doesn't see a scam man coming by
> Jerry's posts deserves to get what is sure to be coming
> to him! LOL!

I don't see a "scam man", so I guess I and Longsuffering
Wife and Rollei will just have to get what we deserve,
eh? As Joey (Dogman) says, "poor Rollei.".......right.


Yes it was, and that is sad.

Robert, Longsuffering Wife and Rollei (do I get to
listen to the box first?)