Cheryl - question on Atopica

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Cheryl - question on Atopica

Post by Human_And_Animal_Behavior_Forensic_Sciences_Research_Laborator » Sat, 28 Feb 2009 00:29:26

HOWEDY femcat,


> Thanks for posting this very long response.

You're welcome <{}: ~ ) >

> It was quite an interesting read.


> I'm now searching online for the study below.

Not necessary, femcat <{}: ~ ) >

> I was planning to change her food (possibly to
> a natural food or raw - even though our vet isn't
> a fan of raw food).

O.K., FORGET EVERY THING you've heard
abHOWET "raw" / "natural" foods; that'll only CONfHOWEND us.

What we need to feed is NATURAL,
SPECIES APUPRIATE food <{}: ~ ) >

> Some vet techs say that a food
> with rabbit protein is the way to go.

ANY diet that's NEW to your kat MIGHT
eliminate any allergic responses from your
critter. The CONCEPT of an ELIMINATION
diet and following it PRECISELY till ALL the
potential allergens are ELIMINATED and then
REINTRODUCED to OBSERVE a response, is
the beast way to ELIMINATE allergic responses.

> The vet didn't want to give Atopica unless he
> did a *** workup first.  Someone here has
> had success with it.   He's not that happy about
> continuing with Triamcinolone or Prednisolone
> and neither am I,

ANY DIS-EASE which responds to steroid
IMMUNE DIS-EASE which the steroid ONLY
SUPRESSES, therebye givin a FALSE SENSE
of a CURE, usually only to find the CONdition
RETURNS with a vengance  OR another system
will follow suit an BREAK DHOWEN for the SAME
REASON as in the 1st case / instance <{}: ~ ( >

Licking granulomas are a STRESS INDUCED NEUROSIS.

         You don't need TOXIC pharmacuticals
         to EXXXTINGUISH neurotic behaviors.

> but the wound near her eye  keeps getting
> worse from her constant scratching.


  Disciple Paulie and Hennie REPORTED THEY
  PHYSICAL Pavlovian /  Ericksonian CONDITIONING.

                       LIKE THIS:

  Subject: Re: dog chewing he paw raw.
  Date: 2004-01-01 22:19:01 PST

  Both my dogs at some stage have***ed a spot somewhere on their bodies
and I have always
managed to train them to stop.

  In all cases there was nothing wrong that
***ing would have helped (Roz has had cut
pads, stitches in her belly and skin irritations,
all tempting her to***), none of their***ing
has been due to any allergies.

 When I see the dog***ing more than normal
I look at the spot to see whats there and decide
if a vet appointment is needed or to wait and
see, keeping a close eye.

  To stop the***ing I distract the dog and give it
  some friendly banter, when it starts***ing again
  I repeat, usually after about 4 times the dog stops,
  for the moment at least, if it starts again then repeat,
  before long the dog has no more desire to*** that
  spot at all.



                AND LIKE THIS:

  From: Hennie van Dalen Hennie van Dalen

  The same thing worked with my lab***ing/
chewing problem too.  He had an itch due to
blocked ***glands and started chewing and
***ing his tail at the root.

  After the glands were squeezed, and the itch
was gone he still wouldn't stop. (because the
place he chewed raw was itching).

 After some training (roughly the same
methode as yours) he stopped.
  Hennie van Dalen


              INDEEDY <{}: ~ ) >


schreef inbericht

> You'll get ALL the INFORMATION you need in your
> FREE copy of The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW
> Wits' End Dog Training Method Manual. You'll be
> taught some general exercises to calm and relax
> your dog and give him the direct attention he
> NEEDS in only a few minutes every other day, and
> you'll learn HOWE to use distraction and praise to
> EXXXTINGUISH the HABITUAL aspect of this DIS-

My dog (a 1 year old Yellow Lab) was biting his tail
at the root (Vet said his ***gland was blocked, and
was causing an itch).

After squeezing it, he still wouldn't stop biting his
tail. The vet advised a neck-funnel (don't know wat
you US-guy's call those) so he couldn't reach his butt.

I hate those things, i think they will drive a dog nuts.

I tried the wits end method. (difficult to read
 such a long textfile if English is not your native
 language) Luckily this is without all the "HOWE's" at least it's readable for somebody like me.

The minute he started to bite i trew my key's
next to him on the floor, and praised him (he
stopped biting and looked up when he heard
the sound) I did this 7 times,

after that the tailbiting completely stopped.
Just give the wits end method a try.

One of the possible downloadlocations

Hennie van Dalen


RTFM is age-old computer lingo.... It stands
for "Read The F***ing Manual" ;-) I used the
 manual and it works very good!


For a fact i tought him to heel in 15min's without
beeing on a leach at-all !!! When he spotted a dog,
he used to run towards it, but now i tought him to "ask
permission" first, and to my surprise it worked!

My dogs never went to puppy-training (lucky for
them), maybe this helped too.

Manual can be found at

-- Hennie van Dalen



> Some cats are tested by veterinary dermatolologists
> and are allergic to almost everything.

That AIN'T NO SURPRISE CONsiderin all the
EXXXPOSE them to <{}: ~ ( >

> I hope that's not the case with our cat.

Unfortunately, it's the SAME with ALL "traditionally"
handled raised trained an vetted critters <{}: ~ ( >

> Right now she's has a bad scab near her eye
> from constant scratching and several others
> on her back.

NHOWE you know WHAT to do; all you gotta do
NHOWE is LEARN HOWE to DO IT and your kat

             Acral*** Dermatitis, Psychogenic Alopecia,
                  Hyperesthesia, & Related Conditions
                           Vint Virga, DVM,
                Dipl. ACVB Behavi***Medicine for Animals
                     SM Veterinary Healing Arts, Inc.
                          New York / Newport

HOWEDY People,

Here's The Puppy Wizard's Syndrome. CAVEAT:
The Simply Amazing Puppy Wizard DOES NOT CONDONE or ENDORSE the good
IMMUNE DIS-EASE aka The Puppy Wizard's

He's ONLY a veterinarian and there's ONLY
THREE CURES for it and HE AIN'T GOT 'em.


> I've discussed psychotropic meds in the past
> with the vet and he wasn't keen about them


Animals DO NOT NEED anti-psychotic medications:

From: "George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D."

Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 5:38 PM
Subject: Doggy advice

Scott, Jerry Howe forwarded me the letter below.
I'm glad that you referred negatively to Jerry's
habit of CAPITALIZING and HOWEING everything.

I personally hate this habit of his. I think it is his
way of diluting his authority - IME he is a very modest
fellow. However, contrary to your sneer, he is very
competent at living with dogs.

I thought I'd list a series of actions which I found
on the list, folk asking advice on what to do about
dogs doing this and that, for example:

humping, hunching,
self *** - paw***ing, side sucking,
prolonged barking, barking at shadows,
overstimulated barking,
fighting, bullying other dogs,
compulsive digging,
compulsive scratching,
compulsive chewing,
frantic behavior,
chasing light, chasing shadow,
stealing food,
digging in garbage can,
loosing house (toilet) training.
inappropriate fearfulness

The thing that is fascinating to me, as an ethologist who
graduated from college 50 years ago and has spent all of
the intervening time working with animals (including the
human animal), is that you never see any of these behaviors in wild dingoes,
jackals, coyotes or wolves,
you don't even see these behaviors in hyenas (who
 aren't dog related).

You see these behaviors in human managed animals, especially animals who
live with neurotic hysterical humans.

As Sam Corson (Pavlov's last student) demonstrated for
nearly 50 years at Ohio University (Oxford, O.) there
is no treatment more useful for dogs than tender loving

George von Hilsheimer, Ph. D., F. R. S. H.,
Diplomate, Academy of Behavi***Medicine
I have been listed in Who's Who in the S &
SE USA since 1982, and in the big books,
Who's Who in the USA, WW in the World,
WW in Medicine etc, and WW in Science
 and Technology, since that date.

These are the Marquis Publications, the
"real" WW, and you can't get yourself into them.



> so I want to show him a proper study.

You mean LIKE THIS? Larry is a SCIENTIST
with two Master's degrees who's personally
talked with every livin notable "EXXXPERT"
 in the field of behavior and training:

   The Puppy Wizard's Wits End Training Method

I have studied canine behavior and dog training for
years. I have a huge library that covers every system
of training.

The Puppy Wizard's (Jerry Howe's) Wits' End Training
Method is by far the most scientific, the most advanced, ...

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