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HOWEDY fellHOWE dog lovers,

Today's "Daily SNUGGLE" is self EXXXPLANITORY:

Puppy Biting
"Pauline O'Connell"  8/8/2005 2:11:20 AM
I've been reading many of the posts in this ng for
 a few weeks now - since we got a new puppy. He's
about 14 weeks old, we got him at 8 weeks & we're
having a really hard time teaching him not to bite US.

He seems pretty quick to learn everything else,
 but the biting remains a problem. We have tried
shreiking at him when he bites us (OWW!), we
have tried growling at him, we have tried barking
 at him, we have tried time outs (2-3 min) & he
just doesn't seem to care.

We've tried holding his mouth shut, we've tried
putting our hand over his mouth, as if to mimic
his mother, we've tried holding him under his
arms, away & down from us.

He'll come right back & bite us.

Does anyone have anymore suggestions. He
doesn't just bite our fingers, he'll jump up & bite
our calves as we're walking, he bit my neck
this morning, he's bitten my b o o b, even!

We call it his devil state of mind & other times,
he couldn't be more loving. What are we doing

Thanks for any help!



What are we doing wrong??

Which posts are you reading if you've been
reading these newsgroups for a few weeks?

I've read no advice which even comes close
 to what you're describing.
--Matt. Rocky's a Dog.


For reasons I'll only explain privately, I've gone no
archive, and it's a shame.  Once in a while, while
looking for something else, I'll run into an old post
of mine.

What an idiotic response!