Izzy's heartworm treatment

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Izzy's heartworm treatment

Post by fh.julie.ti.. » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 23:51:23

Hello Everyone,

In December I rescued a St. Bernard. She was found skinny &
malnourished living in a junkyard. The owners of the junkyard found
her sleeping in a pile of tires there. They fed her and got her weight
back on her. Three months later they figured that she was ready to
find her forever home. I was contacted about her and fell in love with
her at first sight. I took her home & named her Isabella (Izzy). It
seemed to suit her because of her natural beauty and her grace. She
has made major improvements since she has been with our family, but
when we got her she came to us with heartworms. We recently got her
tested for heartworms and her test came back positive. She has been on
heartworm preventative since she has been with me, so I know that she
did not contract this while she was in my care. I am asking anyone
that can donate to please help us out with the cost of her treatment.
The cost of the treatment is $423.77. She will be treated at Millcreek
Animal Hospital in Lexington, SC once we have raised the money to do
so. Their phone number is 803-359-1933, if you need to you can call
there and talk to them about her. Thank you & God bless you!

The fundraising page is:

Thank you.

Christina Lauren