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Hello Everyone!

Post by Human_And_Animal_Behavior_Forensic_Sciences_Research_Laborator » Wed, 04 Mar 2009 09:55:17

HOWEDY diddler you pathetic miserable stinkin
rotten lyin animal ***in punk thug coward active
 accute chronic life long incurable malignant mental
case and backyard puppy miller and professional dog training FRAUD an SCAM


>> I just joined the group and wanted to take
>> some time and intoduce myself!


THAT'S a dubiHOWES distinctiHOWEN <{}: ~ ( >

> Hi.

You mean 'HOWEDY~!', don't you, diddler <{}: ~ ) >

> I'm me.

Don't be so SHY... or perhaps HUMBLE?

A dog trainer must succeed.

By nature, "Command" mentality makes
dog trainers a curmudgeonly lot.

The deeper a dog behavior digs in, the more
willing a good trainer is to do what it takes to
uproot the undesired behavior.

This willingness to tackle what results in a battle
 of wills is well pronounced in dog trainers. And if
 you think that's something, try horse trainer lists,
where the ante is upped X 1000 pounds and poor
results can KILL you!

However, "nice little horsey " types are rarely
 successful in horse training and rather self
extinguishing bringing about more moderation
 in established techniques.


diddler the shit-stain scrawled on the crapHOWES
walls with her finger dipped in ***y poop:

"I would not allow that behavior AT ALL. Inconsistancies
are going to come back and bite you. I don't understand
how, you as a trainer, don't comprehend this.

 Having a 100% reliable dog does not
EVER allow for mitigated circumstances.

A well-trained dog is a lifestyle.

You teach a dog to LEAVE it. A dog should be
taught to obey. I can call any of my dogs off
in full chase and ask them to drop anything
they are doing, and they will.

I think that should be expected of any breed, and
those who do not teach "leave it" fundementals
atre missing the boat"

              ALL ABOARD~!:

From: diddy

Subject: Re: What would you do in this situation?
Date: 2002-05-31 14:49:22 PST

Actually, I borrowed the vets office kitten once for a
couple days for school education on pet care and safe
handling as well as responsible pet ownership.

I kept the kitten over night in a crate within a crate
and yet my dog (yes,  Angelic Danny, as well as Taya
and Toby tore that kittne to threads from between the
crate bars. (apparently he stuck his paws through the
crate to bat at the dogs. I was out doing yard work
and rushed in to find the little kittens pieces and
parts being torn through by ALL the dogs.

I called my girl friend to come get my dogs. I screamed
displeasure, and stalked out with the kitten. Danny, et
al spent 3 days in a kennel until I finally felt like I
could interact with them without doing bodily harm. All
three dogs were never touched, but knew they had done
something so unspeakable that I wouldn't associate with
them and they got banished.

To this day, Taya (mom and Dad's dog) and Danny will
not look at a cat. When confronted with one, Danny wees
himself and cowers hiding behind me for help.

I'm not saying this would work this way with all dogs,
But mom and dad now have a house cat, and she has
never been harmed by  any of the dogs. Danny is there
all the time, unsupervised, and has no interest in harming
the cat.




                                IDIOT <{}: ~ ( >

Subject: Oh My God

Two nights ago, Reka started acting frantic about
11pm. I let her out. It's coyote breeding season,
and she is fascinated by them.

 I assumed she wanted to go out and listen to them
howling. I brought her in, and she spent the night
 franticly and desperately demanding to go out.

After about 4am, I finally put her in the barn, locked
securely in a horse stall for the night.

She came in by morning, and had a normal active,
playful day. Last night, at 11pm, She franticly
 DEMANDED to go out. I let her out, and brought
her in.

At midnight, she DEMANDED to be let out. I let her
out, but I went out to the barn and got a crate, and
decided she could spend the rest of the night in the

We were NOT going to do a repeat of the
previous night AGAIN.

At 3am, she whined so loudly, I then decided not to
allow her to set a precedence of this type of behavior.
So I took her crate out to the heated gun shop and
decided to let her act out her bad behavior in peace,
and send a message that her obnoxious behavior
was not going to be tolerated.

This morning at 6am, I went out, and she had vomited
(normal looking dog food) and defecated in her crate
(not normal for Reka, but then, She normally didn't
sleep in a crate, NEVER gets corrected (she never does
anything to GET corrected for) and was probably nerves
from the outside experience, plus reprimand and solitary

I let her in the house while I cleaned the cage. Hoping
I had made my point. She acted healthy and normal, and
playful and chipper. But then I noticed a spot of *** on
the bathroom linoleum and in the bathtub. I was the last to
take a bath, so I knew REKA was the last in the tub.

That *** didnt come from me, so it HAD to come from
Reka. Thinking about her nearing the end of her heat cycle, I still didnt
think a lot about it. I thought her
obnoxious behavior the past couple nights WAS
her heat cycle.. and corresponding coyote breeding season.

Then while feeding her breakfast, I saw the whole story.
She had *** (fresh) streaming from her RECTUM. UhOh.

I had her at the vets office this morning before he
opened. He just said her intestines were all bunched
up with huge air pockets.

Was there any chance that she ate strings of carpets? I
said, last Thursday we took a plastic tarp out of the yard
that we had over the grill to protect it from the weather
because she was chewing it. That would explain

The  strings are binding and bunching up her intestines,
cutting her internally and tying her intestines in knots as
it works its way through.

Reka is in a very critical situation. She is going to
require extensive and expensive surgery that I cant
afford. I will manage.

Even with the surgery, her condition will be critical
for awhile. Scary thoughts. I would never have
treated her the way I did last night, if I had even a
clue that she was sick. I feel so badly.




                              IDIOT <{}: ~ ( >

"Cappy the beagle killed one of my ducklings today.
Tuck grabbed a leg, and swallowed a leg and thigh
before I could get him.

a month ago, he almost died from swallowing a
chicken wing. Now I'm sweating all over again.

I think he's never going to  be allowed out ever
again without a muzzle! (he seems alright thus far.




                    IDIOT <{}: ~ ( >

Re: Tuck's SAR experience

 I just came in from putting chickens to bed, and Tuck
 had my computer keyboard on the floor, and there are
 now two keys missing.

 Ornery git




                    IDIOT <{}: ~ ( >

Re: Just scheduled *** test--Zipper too

> Seems to me, that should be a standard question for
> any pet having any problems at this time.

I took Tuck in last Wednesday to the vets because
 two weeks before, he had chewed some old treated

Knowing that treated lumber used to be treated
with Arsenic, and he ate a substantial amount, I
took him into the emergency clinic and they treated
him for arsenic poisoning.

A week later, he still had a raw stomach, esophagus
and stomach (revealed by endoscopy). He was
 treated with buffers, and antibiotics to prevent
infection of the inflamed tissues.

Wednesday, still not right, but improving, I took
 him back in for a recheck.

The first thing the vet did, was ask what foods I
 was feeding. Which I understood why, but felt
considering his current history, was rather a
unnecessary question.

I felt we pretty much knew what was going on with him.

Since he was greatly improved, we decided not
to do another endoscopy and just watch him.

He's 100% back to normal.
Hope Cali is too.




                    IDIOT <{}: ~ ( >

My dogs aren't into beer that much.
But they sure love Horse poop!

 I've scorned your counter surfing dog all these years. I just
discovered  this morning,I had one also. I was slicing Beef
tongue (remember the tongue  table re: tribute to Cate's
mom?) and I left it on the counter,while I went to read email.

I suddenly saw movement in the kitchen and there was
Tuck scarfing down 7 pounds of sliced tongue.  Oh my
goodness  gracious, where did he put all of that?

 ANYWAY... I owe you an apology.

 humiliated  in  Ohio




                    IDIOT <{}: ~ ( >

my new puppy, Tuck, grabbed a raw chicken wing
 and wolfed it down on sunday. He's been in the
hospital daily, admitted sometimes, and home
montored others.

He's been supported  supported daily by fluids,
 hoping he would pass it, but he's destabilizing
fast, and has just gone into surgery to have it
 removed from his stomach, and his intestines
have intuscepted from being empty for so long,
and they need surgery also.




                    IDIOT <{}: ~ ( >

Newsgroups: rec.pets.dogs.behavior

Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 12:51:33 -0500

Subject: Re: Disaster plans for dog owners

We left Reka  outside, Mr beeegs crated, Taya in the
 house.. because Reka plays when Taya doesn't want
 to, and Danny came with me.  I forgot Taya counter
 surf'd. I had 3 sticks of summer sausage sitting on the
 table that I was going to give away.

When I came home, all three sticks were gone, with
only the paper skins left that I'd wrapped them with.
Taya had eaten over 5 POUNDS of summer sausage!

I just had to laugh, because otherwise, I'd have cried.




                    IDIOT <{}: ~ ( >

> Welcome.


> Hope that didn't take too much time!

Well diddler, perhaps you should REALLY
introduce yourself? You're WON of HOWER
TRAINERS despite you DENY bein a PRO:

From: diddy
Subject: Re: Dog chewing up floors


> I, for one, am glad that the Puppy Wizard comes across
> as a complete loon given what his advice is since it
> makes it less likely that people will take it instead
> of the advice of someone else I think gives better advice.

For the record, The Puppy wizard over-rates himself.

But "his" (tm) methods are pretty much tried and
true methods that trainers have used and some
still use today.

There are better methods out there now.

But the ones posted in his manual (now that
 he has removed the advice to SPIKE a dog's
temperature to dangerous levels) are sound.
they work.. no matter what we  think of the
puppy-wizard and  his packaging...

"his methods" <cough> are just as valid as anyone else's

"His methods" can stand some updating, and
he definitely needs to look at some repackaging.

Hopefully others add a slicker delivery to grab
 attention, but truthfully, when you look at the
cat fights that go on here, and stand back and
 watch in perspective, it's rather hard to determine
 the sane ones from the lunatics.

In fact, an awful lot of people here come off
looking rather tainted. A person needs to have
 a good filtering device to sort out the noise.

TPW just has a problem that's too painfully obvious.


              diddlers' IDIOT son's dog:

Subject: Re: The kind of mess uneducated
                            breeders are making

No idea what he is. He's supposed to be part
chow, but he looks more aussie/duck tolling
retriever to me than anything with a pomeranian

His *** animations are hilarious, you can see
 the wheels turning, and he's very engaging.

The down side is, a kid from next door came over
and pulled his ears, and he bit the kid on the face
 resulting in a $300,000 plastic surgery.

I have a zero tolerance for dog bites, and
would normally put a dog that did that down,
but this dog was the victim here.


Subject:     Re: untrainable beagle! NEED HELP


> i have a ten year old beagle who i got from the
> animal shelter 5 years ago. its pretty clear he
> was abused in some form before he ended up
> in the shelter; when ever i reach for something,
> like the tv remote, too quickly he flinches.

> he gets scared when i sweep the
> kitchen floor and hides under the bed.

I have one too. I don't know her past history, or her age.

I use an antibark collar on her for my sanity. She's very
quiet, until I take it off. It doesn't train her not to bark,
because she barks when the collar is off. (beagles "Do

There may not even be batteries in it, but she doesn't
bark... just in  case.I'd supervise the first time you try
it, because I've heard of some dogs barking, and going
so spazzy over them that they died.

I really don't think you are going to train a dog that
age, especially a beagle, NOT to bark.  I see your
options as being:

  1) anti-bark collar
       c)bark buster (your neighbors will
       probably complain asmuch about
       that as the howlng)
 2) surgical debarking
 3) placing the dog and accepting the consequences
 4) moving


> The shock is minimal and nothing to worry about. There
> are 2 different types that frequent this group: the high
> falutin city folk that believe dogs should be treated like
> children, and the answer for any problem is "enroll them
> in class and spend $300 to teach them not to do it, and
> put them in time-out, but be sure their paw socks are on
> before stepping outside if under 50 degrees, etc."

First, I know of a dog with an antibark collar,
who protested so ***ly, he spazzed out
and killed himself.

He was found dead in his kennel the next morning.

What dog training schools charge $300?


 "I released a dog from the pound.

She was dumped for biting.

 Knowing that most of the time, a dog that bites
 is the child's fault, I brought her home to see if
she was salvageable in a childless home.

She at least deserved an evaluation.  She
 seemed fine, then the following day, with
no provocation, she lunged for my throat.

 This was an unprovoked attack, and I knew
there was probably something physically
wrong with the dog (perhaps a brain tumor?)
and regardless, she was a HUGE liability risk,
and I could never place her.

So I took her to the vet for euthanasia.

The vet kept sticking her for 15 minutes, and
 it was the ugliest screaming death I ever witnessed....
until I had my old 18 year old companion diagnosed
 with systemic organ failure. Her old body wore out. I
 took her to the vet.

Apparently poor circulation caused her not to
use the euthanasia shot properly. The vet kept
 giving her one shot after another, and she dies
 a slow agonizing death, screaming, and looking
at me in betrayal and dismay.

I wanted to grab her from the vet, and take her
 home, and shoot her. It would have been over
faster,"  DIDDLER, lyin animal ***in COWARD


                               IDIOT <{}: ~ ( >