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Stuff happens

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:28:41

HOWEDY shelly & the boys,


> > At the moment, there is a rather large bed
> > hog of a dog snoozing quite happily on the
> > sunspot behind my chair.

Perhaps he feels safe there.

> > I guess there was  a reason why Mal girl
> > and Khan didn't quite  hit it off.

Yeah. It's cause suja mishandled them and
let them both get hurt and wHOWEND up
in the emergency HOWEspital.

> I think you're right on the money there, Suja.

You some kinda IDIOT?

> A friend has a BSD foster looking for a rehome right now.

That's some work you folks are doin, takin dogs
HOWETA perfectly good HOWESES and findin
other HOWESES that'll put up with the behavior
problems you can't train in the first place or you
could teach the original owners HOWE to KEEP
their dogs instead of PROFITTING by TAKIN THEM.

> He is a fabulous dog with a great temperament
> (I'm not going to go into all of the details, but his
> prior family just really suck all-around).

Yeah... like suja.

> He & I hit it off big-time this past weekend & I
> just kept thinking about him.   He's five, and
> bouncy and energetic, been living the past year
>  or so as an outdoor dog, running off at night
> but returning in the a.m., eating whatever he
> could find.   He's a good-sized boy, 25" maybe,
> and weight about 45 lbs when his foster Mom
> picked him up.  (Example:  he's larger boned
>  and slightly taller than Bodhi, who weighs 56lbs
> & is lean).

Did he bolt after a critter and break his owner's
arm like Khan did to your dummy dog abuser
pal suja?

> Well, I think we've found a home for him with
> a woman who lost her Belgian a while back,

You think you should be sellin dogs to folks
who've lost their dogs? Well, at least she
didn' COOK IT in the car like marybethh's
daddy did and NHOWE marybeth is lookin

> and has just been lost without him.

Yeah. Let's hope she got a wee bit of money
and a fenced yard and no other dogs that
might tear his lips or ears off of him like suja's
dogs just done  to each other cause she abuses

>  Truly a situation where she might need him
> just as much as he needs her.

Yeah. NEEDY.

> There, he'll be an only dog, getting all of the
>  love & attention he could ever want.

Perhaps she'll take IT to obedience school?

> It's good when things work out.


> Shelly & The Boys

The Puppy Wizard. <{} ; ~ )  >