Dog hair everywhere - problem

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Dog hair everywhere - problem

Post by Dohtu » Thu, 28 Jan 2010 20:00:28

I have 2 dogs, and that hair on the clothes and on the floor was real
problem. I searched for the solutions of it, and collected different
methods of removing pet hair. But first of all you, certanly, must
take care of your pet, to prevent shed.

So, keep your pet well groomed, because it's by far the most important
step you can take in controlling the hair in your home. Regular
bathing, brushing and combing will remove old hair, mats and dander.
People often think that shorthaired pets don't shed. They do! They
just shed shorter hair. Brushing is just as important for these dogs.

A brush, comb, mat remover or grooming glove used for a few minutes
every day will help collect dead hair that you can throw away instead
of finding it all over the house. Removing loose hair also reduces the
incidence of hairballs. Some tricks to remove pet hair are well
described here: