Fancy & the Yearly Slumber Party

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Fancy & the Yearly Slumber Party

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Mon, 12 Jul 2004 01:50:58

HOWEDY shelly & The Boys,


> > She's now back to pouting at the door because,

Because she had to lock her away from
the kids same as she done her DEAD
DOG Summer to make IT fear aggressive
of small children.

> >  as Amie said, "Mom, we *cannot* play
> > Twister with Fancy wanting to sit on us!"

Yeah. Like HOWE tara o. aka tee couldn't
invite the children in withHOWET lockin
her DEAD DOG Summer in a box cause
she couldn't train IT not to bolt HOWET
the doo no better than she could train
the children to shut the door.

> > Poor dog, life just isn't very fair sometimes.

Certainly not. SHORE wasn't FAIR to Summer.

> Oh wow, too cute!

What's CUTE abHOWET a dog that
cannot play with children?

>   I bet Fancy just thought she was in heaven!

No. That's tara o. aka tee's DEAD DOG Summer.

She ain't ***ED Fancy YET.

> My husband had a friend over last weekend

The Amazing Puppy Wizard's DADDY SEZ "Birds
of a feather. If you lie with pigs you'll awaken stinkin
like 'em. You're JUDGED BY the company you keep.
You're only as good as your word. When you're
bagged for lying you're MARKED FOR LIFE."

> & he brought his two young sons (aged 6 and 8).

A dog is a dog as a child is a child.

>  Coda was beat-tired after they went home from
> all of the ball-throwing!  And, well Bodhi was just
> tired from chasing Coda!

And tara o. aka tee just got tired of jerking
and *** and spraying aversives in her
face and locking her DEAD DOG Summer
in a box when children visited.

> Shelly & The Boys

So she ***ED HER.