July 4: My Wit's End Dog Works Like a DDR

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July 4: My Wit's End Dog Works Like a DDR

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 05:37:43

HOWEDY Charlie,

> My caretaker on this place has a little fenced-in yard with two dogs,
> one of whom is freaking out because of all the fireworks.

Well geez Charlie, HOWE COME you don't stop lighting them off?

> He has been barking incessantly until about half an hour ago,

Yeah. The Puppy Wizard HATES to see anybody in distress, with
slight exception of curse, to HOWER DOG LOVERS who enjoy
HURTING their dogs.

> when I put Holly out in the yard.

Yeah. The reason HOWE COME The Puppy Wizard can't recall your
dog's name when HE replies to your posts is on accHOWEnt of an
old girlfriend of the same name... a mental block.

> he has settled in a cool spot a little ways from the side of the fence
> where this anxious dog has been pacing.  He hasn't barked since.


>  I'm so proud of my Wit's End Dog !


> Charlie

It's quite common for The Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits' End
Trained Student Dogs to DO the SAME SAME SAME SAME techniques
as we've taught them, for other dogs, even to the extent of actually
knocking a penny can off the table to create a distraction for a disturbance
and then come running to The Puppy Wizard to inform HIM to PRAISE

Please thank Holly for The Puppy Wizard, and thank you for your report.

That of curse, is dependent on whether anybody BELIEVES YOU EXIST
except AS A SOCK PUPPET of The Puppy Wizard's perl bot program.

The Puppy Wizard. <} ; ~ )  >

Subject: Wits' End Dog Training
Date: 2002-11-05 09:01:27 PST

I have finally found a method of working with my dog that works, the
dog is e***d to learn and all problems of the last two and half
years are quickly being eliminated!!!
I have a two and a half year old mixed breed-golden/boxer that I got when
he was ten weeks old.  I have never used force, punishment, ***collar
ect on him.  Have used clicker training with much success in teaching him
to help me. He is a sweet gentle wonderful dog with me or with anyone he
knows or children under three feet tall.  He has always had a very strong
prey drive and would spend most on the time on walks with his head to
the ground.
He quit coming on command when we got an electric fence. About a year
ago he became agressive to people and dogs he did not know.
He would completely lose control and got to the point he would bite me
if I got in the way of his lunging and snapping.  I lived in fear he
would bite someone and have to be killed.
He helps by picking up anything on the floor, closing doors and finding
things I have lost. He is a major part of my life.  I have had dogs for
five years and used the same approach and never had an aggressive dog.
I had taken him to many trainers, gone to more classes than most highschool
graduates, been to behaviorist, vets with no help just a diagnosis of fear
Then I found Wit's Ends Training on the Internet!! After one week he
now walks with his head up right beside me, is able to walk past dogs
while I tell him "good boy" and always comes on command. All with out
force, punishment or pain for either of us.
He is a different dog in every way-he now is happy, e***d, and is in
control.  He has been depressed since the problem with agression
started but I did not know how to help him nor did anyone else!
I am not sure how or why the system works like magic but it does!!!
In one week we accomplished more than in two years of trying other ways.
I have spent over five thousand dollars on trying to help him with
little progress.  The free Wit's End program has been the solution.  I
also have to mention that Jerry has sent me regular message and
responses to my questions as I was truly at my wits end with my dog.
I wish everyone who has a dog could know how well the Wits' End Dog
Training works so dogs would not lose there homes because of
behavi***problems and not be subjected to torture in the name of