Norway and Sweden Update (Pit Bull update 02AUG95)

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Norway and Sweden Update (Pit Bull update 02AUG95)

Post by Vicki Hear » Thu, 03 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Dear Dog owners,

        The case of the 12 dogs in Norway is still going on.  Lars is
commecting his documents together, with a view to joining this case with
another that originated in England.

        Meanwhile, they need a place to live in Sweden.  But because of all of
the publicity, they can't find anyone willing to rent to them, and they spent
just about all their money on this case, so they can't afford to buy.

        Anyone out there who has, or knows someone who has, rental property in
Sweden, please let me know.   Kristin is an ex-lawyer who has a degree in
mathematics, but some years back decided to devote herself to dogs, and to
training.  Lars works with computers.  

        At least Lars and Kristin are still alive, which I can't say about
some people who have been through this kind of grinder.   It would be
interesting to find out how many suicides, how many cases of clinical
depression, etc., are part of the aftermath of these cases.   I know of a few,
and a friend of mine who is a psychiatrist and active in his county'ds animal
policy issues, says he is sure that there have been others that haven't been
recognized as originating with what happened to them and their dogs.


Vicki Hearne