It's unusually quiet Vs REALLY UNUSUALLY Quiet...

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It's unusually quiet Vs REALLY UNUSUALLY Quiet...

Post by Jerry How » Sun, 24 Nov 2002 01:40:42


> > > is it just my news reader?

> > I was just wondering if my killfile had finally encompassed the world.

> too funny.
> I had turned on the tv to see if the world had a
> disaster and hadn't notified me yet.

HOWEDY diddler!

Yeah. Me too. Don't worry, you'll be not only the
first to know about disaster, you'll be the CAUSE
of it, no doubt.

We COULD always talk about dogs and kats being
REALLY UNUSUALLY quiet. Like Danny, when he
meets a kat, or when he's locked in a crate in an
out building, or your vet's office kitty, after your
dogs ripped her to shreds?:

Subject: Oh My God
Newsgroups: View this article only
Date: 2002-01-16 13:39:59 PST

Two nights ago, Reka started acting frantic about 11pm.
I let her out. It's coyote breeding season, and she is
fascinated by them.

I assumed she wanted to go out and listen to them
howling. I brought her in, and she spent the night franticly
and desperately demanding to go out.

After about 4am, I finally put her in the barn, locked
securely in a horse stall for the night.

She came in by morning, and had a normal active, playful
day. Last night, at 11pm, She franticly DEMANDED to go
out. I let her out, and brought her in. At midnight, she
DEMANDED to be let out. I let her out, but I went out
to the barn and got a crate, and decided she could
spend the rest of the night in the crate. We were NOT
going to do a repeat of the previous night AGAIN.

At 3am, she whined so loudly, I then decided not to
allow her to set a precedence of this type of behavior.
So I took her crate out to the heated gun shop and
decided to let her act out her bad behavior in peace,
and send a message that her obnoxious behavior
was not going to be tolerated.

This morning at 6am, I went out, and she had vomited
(normal looking dog food) and defecated in her crate
(not normal for Reka, but then, She normally didn't
sleep in a crate, NEVER gets corrected (she never does
anything to GET corrected for) and was probably nerves
from the outside experience, plus reprimand and solitary

I let her in the house while I cleaned the cage. Hoping
I had made my point. She acted healthy and normal, and
playful and chipper. But then I noticed a spot of *** on
the bathroom linoleum and in the bathtub. I was the last to
take a bath, so I knew REKA was the last in the tub.

That *** didnt come from me, so it HAD to come from
Reka. Thinking about her nearing the end of her heat cycle,
I still didnt think a lot about it. I thought her obnoxious
behavior the past couple nights WAS her heat cycle..
and corresponding coyote breeding season.

Then while feeding her breakfast, I saw the whole story.
She had *** (fresh) streaming from her RECTUM. UhOh.

I had her at the vets office this morning before he
opened. He just said her intestines were all bunched
up with huge air pockets.

Was there any chance that she ate strings of carpets? I
said, last Thursday we took a plastic tarp out of the yard
that we had over the grill to protect it from the weather
because she was chewing it. That would explain

The  strings are binding and bunching up her intestines,
cutting her internally and tying her intestines in knots as
it works its way through.

Reka is in a very critical situation. She is going to
require extensive and expensive surgery that I cant
afford. I will manage.

Even with the surgery, her condition will be critical
for awhile. Scary thoughts. I would never have
treated her the way I did last night, if I had even a
clue that she was sick. I feel so badly.

> > > > > Why is everything Jerry howe on this site?
> > Who's he? I can't see any posts by anyone of that name.
Tell us about
> > your dogs, please, Jennifer, Stan and Tara.
> > Alikat
> With strategic killfiling, I also don't see others rebuttals


Yeah. Like you missed my information on breaking dogs of
and besides, you was too busy jerking and *** and scolding

> It got quiet once I learned effective killfiling.

Didn't it though??? Seein as most every thread is about Jerry
and  why you should KILLFILE the INFORMATION you bums
need and don't have cause if you admit to using my methods,
pals will be EMBARRASSED after they've been tellin everybody
my methods don't work and I'm a liar and con man.

That's O.K., diddler. I PLANNED it like that... I'm a dog

> I haven't seen a JH post since last august..

INDEED, but HE sees yours, diddler.

> and thought he ceased to exist,

Like your dog came close to not existing anyMOORE after
chewin up some stuff and got HURT on it.

Cost you THOUSANDS at the vet??? At least $1500.00, eh diddler?

> until you mentioned that it's apparently a problem for you

Seems Jerry's a bit of a problem for ALL of our dog
lovers...who like
to jerk and ***and shock and spray aversives in their dog's

Have a little whine to wash down the strings of carpet your dog
cause you used it to cover something else he was chewing...

> A Salute to Casey, and sent with sympathies.

Save it diddler, you need it for yourself.

You could have avoided the entire incident had you
TRAINED your dog using my methods not to chew
stuff. But you'd rather force, intimidate and barricade
instead of handle and train your dog like a respectable
dog handler and decent human being. Adios... Thug.


> diddy



> > I've only been here for a few days...

> > but could someone explain these terms for me;

> > HOWE

> > Thanks!

> It means the poster is insane and should be killfiled. There are regular
> postings on how to do this.