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Post by ann.freelan.. » Tue, 01 Nov 1994 14:01:02

Umm, this is probably a really dumb question, but in all my years of
having dogs I have never confronted it before.

My young OES Victoria is in her first season (groan, moan and other
complaints).  She is accustomed to having a good workout with the
neighbor dog, Samantha, who is almost 20 months old and is spayed.  
Vicky will be 10 months old in a few days.

Recently, when I let Sam in the yard for the morning romp with my
dogs, Vicky has gone for her like some sort of Mafia enforcer and
does not stop till Sam is down and Vicky is either standing on her or
over her.

Now, neither *** has hurt the other, so far, and Sam demands to be let
in as soon as her folks go to work every day.  They like the care and
exercise and company she gets here, and indeed, have been known to let
her in themselves when I have ignored Sam's barks.

I have never had two ***es together before.  I've had males and one
***, or several neutered but never two ***es.  Not that Samantha is
ours, but she is pretty much a permanent part of the scenery.

Is Victoria trying to establish something, way younger and lighter as she
is?  And do you think anyone will get hurt?

Of course, the other problem is keeping Edward away from Victoria, but I
know what to do about that.  Just pay attention to the girls' wrestling
matches, if you have any experience with same.  I don't, and I'm worried.

I can, certainly, just keep Sam out till this is over.  But she's alone
10 hours and up, a day, and her folks, who work with the retarded, seem
to do it seven days a week. I hate to punish her because Vicky's in some
sort of a female fit, but on the other hand, I surely do not want her
hurt, or Vicky, either.

Edward, wisely, stays out of these arguments, being smarter than he
looks.  So that's not a factor.

Any experience or advice?  These are all Old English Sheepdogs.  I'd
guess Sam has about 10 or 15 pounds over Vicky, though they are the same

ann (Sam's nanny and Edward and Victoria's nervous keeper)
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