Aggressive dogs at class and off-lead sessions in puppy classes

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Aggressive dogs at class and off-lead sessions in puppy classes

Post by Jerry How » Fri, 12 Oct 2001 08:37:56

Hello People,

Hello lostinspace666,

> >Not even with the puppy class... for playtime?
> Now you are just being facetious.

No, she's not just asking. I think she's got a point to make. My

little ones, because you can force control and stop accidents from
happening. With a bigger dog, you don't have proper handling
techniques to rely on, so handling the dogs together like that would
be dangerous, because as your handlers jerk and ***their dogs
to restrain them, they become more aggressive because of positive
thigmotaxis combined with pain and intimidation.

> >With respect, what you 'want' may not necessarily be what's best
> > for the dogs IMO

Exactly. That's what this whole flame war has been about.

> Okaaay............ so, you think it's ok for a big ole dog to run over
> and decide that the Yorkie is a fun play toy?

Yeah, that's why we have training class.

> You tell that to the Yorkies owner.

I'd be explaing to all the dog owner's HOWE to handle their dogs
under those circumstances.

> Even in puppy class, if there is a toy breed dog, I will match it
> with a mellow larger dog or one of it's own size.

Huh? Is this the dating game?

> Again, it's a safety issue, and one that is requested by many toy
> breed owners.  Even  in play, a toy breed can be inadvertently
> hurt.

That's why we're supposed to be training the dogs, isn't it??? Seems
to me you operate out of fear, rather than by using your intellect.
What do you do, pair them up so the big dog will protect the little
one? You really expect us to believe that?

> I don't let all puppies run around in a free for all.

Because you don't know HOWE to control them.

> They start off being matched up, appropriate size to appropriate
> temperment.  I don't put a bully pup out with a shy, scared pup.

Isn't that what training is supposed to address??? For BOTH dogs?

> In a few weeks,

In a few weeks, you run the suckers through yet another fiasco you
call "training" class, and you do that till the people run out of
dog, if you can string them along forever...

> as I observe the pups and the way they play, I may
> put more pups out together.  Depends on the class.


> >Absolutely, that's why dogs with behaviour problems (not suitable
> > amongst young puppies for instance) should be taught one to
> > one, and not in a class environment.
> My dogs are on leashes.  They are safe.

Safe is your stumbling block. It's an excuse for being incompetent
and not being able to address behavior problems. It's the same
reason our "experts" recommend crates, they've hit the wall for
training information.

> >Just to clarify this... I don't do 'Clicker', but I do lure and
> >identify the action/behaviour with a word...
> So, when you are in the luring phase, how do you let the dog know
> he's done right?

We praise and move on to the next command.

> The way you are explaining this is that you lure the pup into a sit,
> and then once he's sitting you say SIT (and that becomes his
> positive word marker, or praise if you want to call it that.).
> Thats a bit backwards.


That doesn't sound at all like HOWE Marilyn trains: "I wouldn't want
to confuse the dog....  I prefer to Identify the action with
the word and immediately praise - simple as that.

Seems to me you're the one having difficulty understanding dog

> >I wouldn't want to confuse the dog....  I prefer to Identify the
> > action with the word and immediately praise - simple as that.

Exactly. Give the dog the command and praise as you show him
HOWE to do it.

> You aren't making any sense.

Right. Because dogs don't think like people do... That's why you
hurt dogs to train them, because you aren't bright enough to outwit
a puppy dog.

> >If I remember rightly, it was he who worked to introduce puppy
> >socialisation groups where pups were encouraged to get along
> >with older dogs and visa versa?
> Well, that isn't part of the cirriculum I use.

Right. Because you're afraid. You're afraid because you do not use
appropriate handling techniques, and these little issues are beyond
your capability of training the handlers to work the dogs through
such conditions. Get the heel outta this business.

> And like I said before, I don't have a dog available to me who
> tolerates puppies.

Yes, you did say that before. Didn't you.

> Dogstar716
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Your pal, Jerry "Mr. NICE Guy," Howe. j;~}