Cheylietella (dandruff) mite in dogs

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Cheylietella (dandruff) mite in dogs

Post by EdP » Tue, 17 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I am researching the Cheylietella (or dandruff) mite in dogs.  I am
interested in any input, especially by veterinarians or researchers,

        1)  This mite appears in some breed lines in puppies at 2 -3 weeks even
when the *** has been bathed in pyrethrin shampoo prior to whelping
and appears free of infestation.  Is there any research that this mite
is harbored by the *** and only appears when the ***'s system is

        2)  If the animals are being infested from a contaminated environment
(even though *** dogs don't show signs of it), is there research as to
the best treatment rid the mite from the environment?  Does the fact
that the mite is an arachnid suggest a class of insecticide other than

        3)  This mite is common in certain breeds and the question arises as to
whether it is a trait or susceptability that could be bred out of a
*** line.  Any research on this point?

Note that I am NOT asking about treating an existing condition.  It
responds readily to two or three shampoos, each a week or ten days
apart, with flea shampoos containing pyrethrins.

Ed P