Fireworks (hello Colin, Hello Fans) THIS IS WAR

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Fireworks (hello Colin, Hello Fans) THIS IS WAR

Post by Jerry How » Fri, 14 Feb 2003 03:37:16

We got a other won... you see granville's soon to be DEAD DOG?


> > > You mean instead of breaking it in a few minutes
> > > using my effective, fast, EZ, FREE, techniques,
> > > funky feets?

> > Rather than ridicule others` responses, please post the relevant part of
> > your "manual".

> > ...And do you HAVE to have 900 lines of bullshit in every post you make

> > I know, killfile the fecker, but maybe for once i`d like to see the soft
> > barsteward post something worthwhile :-}

> Hello Colin,
> Hello Fans,

> Mr. Howe and myself are in the middle of a process called
> the Changing of the Muzzle. We are forcing anyone and
> everyone who calls themselves any sort of dog expert or dog
> lover or dog advocate to face some uncomfortable realities.

> Chief among those realities are this:

> That many, if not a large majority of our so-called "dog
> experts" whether willfully, or because they have been the
> victim of being educated by fellow incompetents, find
> themselves in a category known as "Enemies of Dog." They
> unwittingly (or wittingly) contribute to the misery and
> death and destruction of dogs on a massive scale, as well
> as to the incompetence and helplessness of the dog owning
> populace.

> But NO MOORE. From SHORE to SHORE we are sweeping the
> nation with a brand new muzzle sensation and EXPOSING
> our INCOMPETENT and/or MALEVOLENT "experts" for who and
> what they are.

> It's time for our so-called dog experts to smarten up or GET
> OUT of this business. They really have no choice. We are
> smartening up the LAY PUBLIC. That's what we are doing here.
> We really don't care if the "experts" like us or if they
> learn their lessons or not.

> Because the GROUNDSWELL of the VOX PUPULI will FORCE them
> to CHANGE or DIE in this business.

> We're not HERE to CHANGE our "experts." We are here to issue
> them an ULTIMATUM.

> Get Smart,
> GET OUT of the WAY
> or Get ***LED into OBLIVION.

> We are here primarily for the newbies and the lurkers.
> Anyone who objectively approaches this newsgroup can see
> who knows what they are doing and who knows what they
> are talking about and who doesn't.

> Mr. Howe and myself are CHANGING everything. We are sorry if
> this inconveniences you. We are in the business of
> conveniencing dogs and we aren't terribly concerned with the
> feelings of hypocrites, incompetents, imbeciles, spay and
> neuter nazis or "behaviorists" or any other type of
> pretenders who are in the BUSINESS of making life difficult
> and SHORT for dogs.


> THIS IS WAR and we are not playing footsies.

> Via keyboard, text and video we have CHANGed the WORLD, not
> to mention, the MUZZLE.

> If our "experts" don't get out of the way, we are stone cold
> RUNNING THEM OVER. This is not a frickin' Tea Party!

> Join the ride, Step aside or be ***led by the unopposable
> force of the CHANGING of the MUZZLE.

> WELcome to the NEW muZZle.

> I'll be your host.

> --
> this is michael
> reporting live...
> from the new muzzle of dog training