What goes in a Dogs First aid Kit?

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What goes in a Dogs First aid Kit?

Post by Don Wagn » Tue, 18 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I'm putting together a first aid kit for my Malamute when we go hiking
on day trips and beyond.

I've got the basics already:
-Triple bacterial ointment
-Tick/Thorn Tweezers
-Vet Wrap (strip that binds to itself, not fur)
-gauze pads
-clothe to use as a dressing, muzzle, binding
-childrens chewable asprin
-small kit of surgical thread and needles (I do _not_ want to ever
have to use this!)
-2 plastic splints
-*** booties

The whole pack weighs in at under 2lbs., and seeing as how shes going
to carry it anyway ;-), I was wondering what else I should be looking
to add.

I'm not a regular lurker on RPDH so if you could email me it would be