Jetta thanks you all! I thank you all!

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Jetta thanks you all! I thank you all!

Post by luvd.. » Wed, 09 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I have decided to post a message of thanks to the many people who have
emailed me and all of their best efforts, to comfort me.

I have emailed everyone back personally but in case I may have missed, I
wish to thank you.

I have mentioned over and over again that my quick recovery from a
crying wreck to a somewhat balanced U student is due entirely to you
all.  The people around me do not understand the pain and even with all
of their sincerity, cannot even come close to the healing of any one of
the many thoughtful emails I have received.

I view Jetta's passing with new hope.  Although I do not belong to any
spiritual or religious groups, I feel that Jetta is truly in a better
place.  Perhaps he's still following me around.  It comforts me to think
that he may lying in the aisle in my lecture hall or lying by my feet in
those long bus rides home.  Of course I'm probably pushing it.  Oh well,
whatever works.

To all the people who have lost a good friend, please accept my deepest
sympathies.  I guess up until now, I never truly understood what it
meant to lose something so valuable.  I still have a beagle and I truly
cherish every minute with him (At least I try to :))

In closing, I wish once again to thank all the kind people out there.  I
decline to use the term 'virtual friends' because that would imply that
you are all not human ;)

This whole experience has made my internet bill that much easier to

Marco in Toronto