Tahitian noni juice - miracle cure?

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Tahitian noni juice - miracle cure?

Post by T.J » Tue, 09 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Not the juice you were asking about, but try kelp seaweed powder for
arthritis in both Dogs and humans - we have had many oldies (dogs) who have
greatly benefited from this. The brand specifically for pets is CREST
seaweed powder, but most health food stores sell the kelp tablets for
anyone. Introduce it slowly on food, a tiny pinch to start slowly building
to Half a teaspoon for small dogs and a teaspoon for large ones.

This does work and sounds to be less expensive than the Noni.

Cheers and good luck

TJ (and Mother who also takes kelp!)

> I just came back from the vet, who gave my 10 year old Lab-Shepard mix
> shots and a surprisingly clean bill of health.     For her slight touch of
> arthritis, he showed me a copy of Healthy Pet, which raved about noni
> for arthritis and virtually everything else.


Tahitian noni juice - miracle cure?

Post by Allan Goroch » Sun, 14 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have an ex son-in-law who pushes Tahatian Noni as a cure-all for
almost all human ills in a profitable (for him) multilevel marketing

If It is that good, why isn't Hartz  or another animal *** company
putting it out?.     It has been used in the tropics for decades, I
doubt if it is patented.