Press Release - Veterinary Heart Institute

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Press Release - Veterinary Heart Institute

Post by VH » Tue, 21 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Editorial Contact:
Dr. John-Karl Goodwin
(352) 371-7900

Veterinary Heart Institute and Foundation Created

Institute will aid veterinarians in the diagnosis and treatment of animals
with heart disease and conduct clinical trials

GAINESVILLE, Florida. -- January 19, 1997 -- The Veterinary Heart
Institute was founded in Gainesville by Dr. John-Karl Goodwin, former
veterinary cardiologist at Louisiana State University s School of
Veterinary Medicine.
The Veterinary Heart Institute (VHI) will promote veterinary cardiology
through the conduction of cardiology continuing education programs for
veterinarians and veterinary technicians, assisting veterinarians with the
diagnosis and treatment of animals with heart disease, and conducting
clinical trials.  
 Veterinary cardiology has experienced remarkable growth in the last
decade  reports Dr. Goodwin, director of the VHI and board-certified
cardiologist.   The VHI will serve as a nationwide center offering support
to veterinarians in the specialty of cardiology .  Currently there are
approximately 80 veterinary cardiologists in the United States, although
one has not practiced in Florida until now.  Dr. Goodwin is a native of
Florida and received his veterinary education and cardiology training at
the University of Florida s College of Veterinary Medicine.  
The VHI will allow veterinarians nationwide to transmit electrocardiograms
(EKGs) through telephone lines for interpretation and consultation.
Echocardiography services will also be available for animals at the VHI
and throughout the United States through collaborating clinics.   The VHI
will also help veterinarians stay informed of advances in veterinary
cardiology through publication of a quarterly newsletter, monthly updates
sent by FAX and regular continuing education courses held at the VHI
reports Goodwin.   We are also collaborating with several pharmaceutical
companies to conduct clinical trials of new medications to prevent and
fight heart disease in animals.  
 We have also created the Veterinary Heart Foundation, a non-profit
organization to raise funds for the development of new diagnostic
techniques and therapies for animals with heart disease.