Old American Bulldog pictures.

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Old American Bulldog pictures.

Post by semen.. » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I am currently in search of any photographs of "American Bulldogs"
which can be positively dated to the 1940s or earlier. I am especially
interested in photos from the 1920s or even earlier and it would be
helpful if you could tell me A) How you know the date of the photo and
B) Exactly where the photo was taken (ie what State, Province, etc.).

Remember, these dogs were not called American Bulldogs then. They
might very well have been referred to as "Bulldogs". Also, if the
place is somewhere you might not expect an Am Bull to have been at the
time, that's okay.

If you aren't sure of the breed, that's okay. It's an exact date and
possibly a location that I am primarily interested in.

If you have such a photo, e-mail me and tell me about it. We'll talk
about it and then I might ask you to scan it. If you haven't got a
scanner, we'll figure something out. Maybe you could mail it to me, I
could scan it, and I could send it back to you, or whatever.

Remember, if the dog in question doesn't look anything like what's
being called an American Bulldog today, that's probably because the
dog in the photo IS an American Bulldog. This isn't a test. Don't
worry about making a mistake.

By the way, old, positively dateable, purebred dog photos interest me
in general. Old Neapolitan Mastiff photos are of great interest to me