Doggie temperament test

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Doggie temperament test

Post by The Puppy Wizar » Sun, 30 Mar 2003 03:40:37

HOWEDY suja,


> I know what I think of this test

We know the RESULTS you've got with your own dogs, suja. Your
own dog broke you up pulling on leash... after a critter IT
was tryin to KILL.

> (independent dogs are usually  best kept as outdoor dogs - Blech!)

You think there's something BAD with "outdoor dogs?" You think they're
NEGLECTED cause they don't get jerked and choked on a pronged spiked
pinch ***collar several times a day and locked in a crate in your
bedroom to enhance the bond between trainer and dog???


The problem with the TESTER is, she blames the BREED STOCK for
temperament problems in the DOG, instead of accepting blame for
mishandling and causing temperament problems in their dogs by
MISHANDLING, as you've learnEd to do and have seen the results
of in your own mishandled, abused dogs.

> Going by their criteria, where would your dog fall, and do

 > you think it is an accurate assessment of their personality?

Lemme ask you, HOWE can you TEST a dog for behaviors you haven't
TRAINED? The tests in themselves will cause exactly the problmes
you're trying to test for. It's ABSURD... like you and your pals.

> Suja



or it could be a troll <are you a troll??
do not use it on your dog.....

would you use it on your best friend.....

I have read jerry's book, it seems too easy at first.
however I started to use some of the training out of
it and now.

I have a dog that heels as fast as a collie in a
trial.<great dane X mastiff

I have a dog that stays and never leaves the spot.

I have a dog that comes when ever I call.

I have a dog that never leaves the yard, never runs

I have a dog that stands still to be washed
with the cold hose.

I have a dog that never pulls on
the lead when we walk.

I have a dog that puts up with more abuse then a
dog should from my 2 year old <and loves it

I have a dog that barks at the fence only when some
ones there.

I have a dog that would not care less if there is
another dog in the park <only wants to be with and
please me though a lot of this is due to me training
the dog <spending the time with the dog.

jerry's book showed me not to punish the dog. but
just to work with the dog. which I liked the idea of
hence why I tried it. it is easy to become
frustrated with a dog when you are trying to train

I look forward to my next puppy <ban dog> so
I can use the information from jerry's book
and see just how good a dog can get.

the dog I have now was when I picked her up from the
RSPCA. she could not walk on a lead <no idea. cowered
from every noise <and wet her self, messed in the
house at every turn. acted like I was killing her
when I dragged her over to the mess.

this was A 6 month old pup that had been beaten <2.5
feet to the shoulder. I could of taken her back
however I knew I could bring her back to being to be a dog.

the dog I have now at 1.5 years <same dog is a dog
to be proud to walk down the street with <3 feet to
the shoulder and still growing.

so well behaved even when people walk passed with a
out of control dog. gentle with my child and trust
worthy < I never have to worry that my dog
will bite her, only have to worry if a stranger
comes over to my child. still that is not a worry
she places herself between my child and the

I may be plugging jerry's book, however with the
***out there it is good to see that someone has
moved forward. looked at a different way to train
dogs. yes he gets into people, and in their face <
you should back off a little jerry however he is
sick of the bashing, ***, shocking, shaking and
everything else. so jerry save this lad from ruining
his dog. later, Joe


 > Aloha Sunny,

 > Just follow the training program to the letter, no matter how
 > insignificant some of the step seem to be and your pupy will
 > be a very well behaved dog in a few days.

 > I would seriously consider backing out of the training
 > classes as they will conflict with the Wit's End principles.

 > I went the training route first, and still had problems until
 > I found Wits' End.  Now I have two "new and improved" dogs.

 > You won't be disappointed if you follow the program.

 > Good luck,
 > Hoku


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From: Hoku Beltz
To: The Puppy Wizard
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 6:12 PM
Subject: Mahalo

Aloha Jerry,

Just wanted to let you know that the surrogate toy
technique is working wonders.  I have not had a
shredded sheet for over a week now.  It is nice
to be able to leave the bed made and come home
to a made bed.

Your program is awesome, but you already know
that.  Keep up the good work!