can't cilp nails (nail clipping--as practiced by most of our "dog lovers" is abuse)

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can't cilp nails (nail clipping--as practiced by most of our "dog lovers" is abuse)

Post by Shifter of Paradigm » Sat, 20 Jul 2002 23:11:42

You're a sick, twisted, doubletalking, dog abusing freak.
You terrorize your dog EVERY OTHER DAY doing something she
FEARS and HATES. And you're giving us ADVICE????

Excuse me, dog abuser, but...

from you...

All in all you're just a
nother hypocow in the Stall



p shifty and the fam


> >   I'll see her this morning.  Was going to suggest she get someone to
> > jog with her on the street.  That's always worked for my dogs.  But, are
> > there some that don't wear the nails down that way?

> Many don't. And frankly, most won't wear their nails down *enough* that
> way. Dogs shouldn't click as they cross wood floors. If they click, that
> means the nail is hitting the ground. If it's hitting the ground, it's
> pushing the toe bone back and up with every step, which can be very
> uncomfortable and, with time, can permanently deform the foot.

> And of course if you do dog sports such as agility, it's critical to
> have short nails. Long nails can get hung in equipment and can make a
> dog slip off an obstacle.

> Your friend needs to introduce her dog to the joys of nail grinding.
> Most people can get their dogs to cooperate if they are very consistent
> and if they do it every day. To get my puppy to quit throwing a fit, I
> literally did her nails each and every day for over a month. I'm now
> down to every other day.