Which to buy - kick sled or XC skis?

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Which to buy - kick sled or XC skis?

Post by Stephen R L » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 01:40:13


>35, 45 and 62 pound dogs.  Garbo, at 62 lbs., is raring to run and
>I'd like to be able to use him alone sometimes.  Gable, at (an
>overweight) 35 lbs., will probably be used only occasionally.
>Greta is fast, but I can't begin to guess what her pulling ability

>So...I'm looking at the Black Ice kick sled thinking how nice it
>would be to be able to fold it down and throw it in with the dogs,
>and also be able to maybe throw a dog (Gable) on it when he tires
>out on the trails.

I can't comment on that particular sled, as I have never seen one in
person or know anyone that has tried the folding model.

>But, skijouring sounds pretty handy.  A bit easier to tote around,
>and I could easily use the hip belt a gangline for 'blading.

>Cost for both options is roughly the same.  Any opinions on which
>would be better for me?

However, I can comment on the skijoring/sledding question in general.  I
started off skijouring.  In fact, I just kind of fell into the whole
thing.  I found that after getting my dogs well trained and conditioned,
it became difficult for me to control myself on cross country skiis as
my dogs were pulling very hard and very fast.  Therefore, I bought a sled.
That is what got me into mushing.  

That is not to say that you cannot skijour with multiple dogs.
In fact, I know people that do it with 6 dogs (!).  The problem that I had
was with the area, and all of the trees.  In an open meadow, it is not
too big of a deal, but in a dense forest, it is more tricky to manuver around
trees with awkward skiis at a high rate of speed.

Since you have mutliple dogs, and since I think you will want to go that
route eventually anyway, I recomend the sled.  I think you will enjoy it more.
(Again, with the caveat that I do not have the sled you are talking about.
I have non-foldable models :-)).

By the way, I think that the sledding option will be more expensive than the
skijoring option, but probably not by much, depending on how interested you
get in it.



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Which to buy - kick sled or XC skis?

Post by GAUS » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 03:32:14


>35, 45 and 62 pound dogs.  Garbo, at 62 lbs., is raring to run and

In Alaska my two Irish Setters loved to run and pull me on skis.  But
these were big setters -- about 90 pounds each.  The typical racing sled dog
is not that big and your dogs might fit right in.  The most important thing,
more than your sled vs skis, is getting a sled dog harness.  In Alaska
these are available at the local pet shop.  A lot of thought and bad
experience has gone into evolving the sled dog harness.  Not only is the
dog a whole lot happier with such a rig, but he can pull a lot more.  The kids
in Alaska race with three dog teams, so you might have a good time.  Have fun.




Which to buy - kick sled or XC skis?

Post by M.H. Bonh » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 03:32:13

I have to agree with Stephen on this one.  You might want to try skijouring
with one or two dogs first and then graduate to a real sled.  I don't recall the
price of the kick sled, but Black Ice has a relatively inexpensive sled
that is mortised and tied.  ($295 is cheap compared to over $400 that I paid for
mine)  You'll find that 3+ dogs are very powerful for skijouring and 1 dog
may be a lot for a kick sled.

Good luck!

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