White Dogs (was White Ger

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White Dogs (was White Ger

Post by LAMBENTK » Mon, 25 Mar 1996 04:00:00

 >>For the most part, the white dogs you mention are not HERDING
        dogs; their primary function is being FLOCK GUARDIANS (e.g.,
        Kuvaz, Great Pyrenees, Maremma, Komondor).  It was important
        they be white in order to differentiate them from the wolves
        that menaced the flock.

Not entirely untrue - but not correct either :)

First, not all flockguardians are white, there are colored ones as well
(Kangal dog, Anatolaian Shepherd, Caucasion Owchartca, Tibetan Mastiff).
For the most part the dogs were bred to resemble the sheep that lived in
the particular region.  White dogs guarded white sheep, and colored dogs
guarded colored sheep.  Sheep more readily accepted something that
resembled the flock.

This is the way it was with the "ancients" when our breeds were in their
developmental stages.  Today flockguardians of various colors are seen
guradian sheep of various colors.  In the old days, sheep of a particular
variety were though to have been geographically segregated, and the dogs
were developed to resemble the different varieties of sheep in a given

Of course this is all speculation (not mine - but that of various
experts), we cannot know for sure as most of these breeds were developed
thousands of years ago.  And . . . ahem - I wasn't there :)


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