leaving alone

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leaving alone

Post by Jerry How » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 05:01:06

HOWEDY Mathew,

> i have a dobermann ***, which doesnt stay alone in the flat without
> screeming. she isnt afraid (i can leave her alone in the evening). i
> she just wants to terrorize me. what can i do?

Ya know, I was just thinking about that too. I suggested
you ask our good professor of ANAL-ytic behaviorISM
bout your dog's separation anxiety. He'd have you scruff
shake your dog, I think.

Perhaps that's not such a good idea?

Here's a guy who found out HOWE to cure separation
anxiety in his dog, practically overnite, and for FREE:

The Puppy Wizard. <TPW;~:}

> I moved to Jacksonville, Florida about a year
> ago with my lovely wife  linda. 3 times a week
> for 7 months I visited the Dog shelter and
> Humane Society looking for a German Shepherd.
> There were several times they had a dog there,
> but I was looking for a ***. The reason for this
> is, all my life I have always had a female German
> shepherd. Therefore, I wanted another one. Finally
> about 6 weeks ago, I found her. "Angel" looked
> just like my previous dog of 12 years. I called my
> wife, she came down and fell in love with her immediately.
> We filled out the paper work and left the Humane
> Society with her. We drove directly to Pet Smart to
> buy all the essentials. We bought the biggest crate
> available. Let it be known I have never used a crate
> with any of my previous dogs. The biggest difference
> is my other dogs I had from puppy age. Angel just
> turned 2, 3 days before adoption.
> Angel appeared to be happy the trip home. Her ears
> were down all the time and her tail was so far between
> her legs that it looked like she had 3 ears. (humor)
> None the less, we knew we had a dog that was insecure.
> The first night we let Angel sleep in the living room.
> However, we had to go to work the next day. We pet
> her, kissed her and put her in the crate in the middle
> of the living room. During the day, my sons came
> home to walk her, give her a little loving and play with
> her. Then put her back in the crate and go to work.
> When we got home the first day, everything in the
> crate was ripped to shreds. The neighbors
>  approached us and said that the dogs barked
> constantly for 3 hours then barked continuously after
>  my sons left again. We thought it was because
> everything was new. We were wrong. The dig did
>  this every day for 4 days.
> The 4th day was our first scheduled visit with the
> vet. The vet told us he can see that the dog is
> suffering from abuse and separation anxiety. So,
> the vet puts the dog on clomicalm. (not sure of the
> spelling).
> Well, for two days the dog walked around like Jerry
> Garcia on a Friday night after a concert, stoned!
> However, we were home with her the entire weekend.
> We crated her for work and came home to a barking
> dog, ripped bedding in the crate, upset neighbors
> and the plastic bottom of the crate completely torn
> to bits. It was obvious that crating was not a good thing.
> The next day we decided to leave her out of the crate
> to see what would happen. What a major mistake.
> We came home to almost $1,000 in damage.
>  Furniture, the blinds were all chewed and torn down, etc.
> The next day we put her in the crate again. This
> time we came home to a nice 2' x 3' hole in our
> carpet in the middle of the living room, right down
> to the cement. I told my wife that we cannot afford
> to keep this dog. We should go out and get a puppy.
> She was upset and said there must be something
> we can do. I told her this. " I will go on the internet
> and see what is available". I was desperate and
> wanted to see if there was someone who could help.
> We read the information about the DDR and emailed
> Jerry. Jerry was kind enough to give us his phone
> number to discuss Angel in more detail.
> First, at no cost he sent us his manual. We started
> doing exactly what he said to do in the manual.
> Exactly as we did was was written, the results were
> exactly as he said it would be. Then we purchased
> the DDR.
> This is an amazing god send to us. First of all,
> Jerry sent it to us without paying. (thanks for that gesture)
> This has such and AMAZING effect. This testimonial is kind
> of  winded so I will say this......Jerry's product literally saved
>  this dogs life.
> Angel can be left alone during the day. NO CRATE. The
> dog shows absolutely no sign of anxiety at all. Jerry told
> us the product works immediately and it did! She does
> not bark at all during the day except when the mailman
> drops mail into the slot on the door. The manual for
> training works exactly as it says!
> We told our vet about this and he said that there are
> all kind of gimmicks. I told my vet that as a person who
> holds a degree of higher education, there just are some
>  things they don't have in the text books and he should
> be receptive to that. We are proof. Angel was one
> day from going back to the humane society.
> Listen to this...My wife wrote one of the so called know
> it all of pets. His response to the exact letter we initially
> wrote to Jerry..."Get rid of the dog, bring her back" I'll
> save this person embarrassment by not saying the name.
> However, you know who you are and I have this to say to
> you. Go pump gas or bus tables because you
> sir, do not belong working with animals!
> Jerry, after reading some of the threads in the news
> group, I can't for the life of me understand why this
> many people are so dang blind or ignorant.
>  You just keep plugging away at what you do, because
> you my friend are a life saver!!!
> Anytime you need someone to speak about the results
> of your product, you have my number. We would gladly
> talk to them.
> Thank you very much for all your help. God bless you...
> Anthony & Linda Testa
> Jacksonville, Florida


> > In article

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> > [...]
> > > Jerry, after reading some of the threads in the news
> > > group, I can't for the life of me understand why this many
> > > people are so dang blind or ignorant.
> > > You just keep plugging away at what you do, because you
> > > my friend are a life saver!!!
> > Okay, who the heck ARE you, really?
> Who am I? My real name is posted. The story you have read is
> true.
> We were at witts end, found Jerry's web page by
> happenstance, wrote to him almost exactly what you read, he
> gave me his suggestions, told me what my results would be
> including a time line and, you know what? He was and still
> is, right on the money.
> I don't care if he's a warlock, a professor, disgruntled
> Entomologist, or a man with a niche that makes the sciences
> itchy, he saved the day AND a dog's life.
> We were given suggestions from Medication, to a Behavi***
> Specialist. I decided that instead of creating a Jerry
> Garcia or pay 125.00 dollars an hour for my dog to lay on a
> couch to be freudiated, I decided Jerry Howe's method seemed
> to be more humane and serene. It worked, end of story.
> A. Testa


My student Anthony summed it all up:

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> Well there you go, I was willing to believe but then jerry
> it was another hallucination of yours, just like all those
> thank you letters you write, a lie, a fabrication, a ***...

> > Subject: Re: Thank you Jerry Howe
> > Date: 2002-03-28 10:01:34 PST
> > Alpha,
> > It's uneducated, ball breakers like you that create dismay
> > throughout this society. Get a life. you took apart a letter
> > from someone who has shown nothing but love and caring,
> > including lots of money and twisted it to YOUR point.
> > Ever consider politics? I challenge you to show me your
> > credentials and results you come up with. The things I did
> > with the dog WAS against MY wishes. However, I listen
> > to pencil neck geeks that sit behind a monitor and get 30
> > different suggestions. This dog could not be happier if
> > she was gnawing on all three of your legs.
> > The bottom line to my letter was to tell people  "don't knock
> > it until you try it"
> > P.S. Write me personally if you have any
> > credentials.......


Subject: Re: Thank you Jerry Howe
Date: 2002-03-26 08:16:19 PST

  Engrossing account, Anthony.  Our best to Angel
and your family.

  A friend, who socializes the kittens I've taken
from a feral cat colony, is using the DDR.

  She reports far fewer panic problems than
she's had before.


 Chris Williams writes:

"The FREE Wits' End Dog Training Method manual
I do find valuable. Much of it I recognize as what
I've always done without thinking of it as "training".
New stuff, I've used. His anchoring technique erased
the last of Mac's fireworks trauma,"



leaving alone

Post by Jerry How » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 05:06:45

HOWEDY Mathew,

> i have a dobermann ***, which doesnt stay alone in the flat without
> screeming. she isnt afraid (i can leave her alone in the evening). i
> she just wants to terrorize me. what can i do?

Pardon me. I said "Ask professor dermer, he knows all about anxiety."
Yannow? I totally forgot our good professor only knows HOWE to
CAUSE ANXIETY, by his bribes and *** shocking crating and
scruff shaking dogs.

Here's five moore folks who figgered out HOWE to train
their dogs without hurting them or avoiding the problem.
Our dog lovers call them LIARS and PAID SHILLS for
Jerry and FORGERIES:

> I haven't quite finished reading the free chapter on
> your website,

It's moore than a chapter, it's a comprehensive,
total, complete, gestalt method to train all animals
to any level you desire.

> but it already worked miracles with our three dogs.


> The barking at the door has diminished so much
> that, well, frankly, we're stunned.

My methods work faster than any others, anywhere at
any price, including the thirty five level of medical grade
static like stimulation devices and pronged spiked pinch
***collars our "experts" here love so much.

> We were sort of on the same page with you to begin
> with (no crates, no ***chains).

Good. Crates aren't inherently bad, only the way they're

> A lot of what you say reminds of my dad's techniques
> (he's an 84 year old dog lover,one of those about whom
> people say, "dogs really like him." He's
> never had a badly behaved dog.

Good. I've got a lot in common with folks who are gentle
and treat animals kindly.

> We'd never heard of the noise emphasis,

You mean the sound distraction and praise techniques.

> but the overall plan makes great sense.

Yes, one of my students Paul B wrote an excellent post
recently I'll include it at the bottom. It'll explain HOWE the
distraction and praise process works from his POV as an
experience handler using my methods.

> I did have a question.  The hardest part for us to
> implement is the verbal praise only.

Why? That should be spontaneous and in association
with every glance towards you and every thought.

> It's so hard not to pet and stroke the dog (especially
> our seven month old).

Oh. Pattng is O.K., only not in conjunction with a
thought or command, as it will interrupt the thought
process and may lock the dog's thoughts on an
inappropriate idea.

> Can you give me the rationale behind that?

It's called positive thigmotaxis, the opposition reflex.
Like if we're walking our dog and want to prevent him
from interacting with another dog, and we pull back
on the collar, that often triggers the dog to go out of

As long as there's contact on the collar, the dog will
continue his original thoughts about interacting with
the passerby. Then because the dog is out of control,
the handler needs to further force restraint, making
communication with the dog's MIND, impossible.

> It will help me modify my own behavior.

Any time your dog is close enough to be patted is
fine to pat him, as long as we're not working with a
command or thought we want him to process.

> Anyway, your approach is amazing.

Yes, it's caused quite a stir here. If my methods are as
effective and fast and safe as I claim and my students
confirm, that pretty much means that all of my critics
are DEAD WRONG, and all's that's left  for me to
do is shovel some dirt over them over and let 'em push
up daisies.

> Melisande


Hi, Jerry.

I'm not sure that I'm a 100% convert, or that I agree
with (or even understand) 100% of what you say in this
manual ... BUT ... we had "come" down pat in a few
reps and you could have knocked me down when I tried
the exercise with "drop" and, after a few reps in
different spots Darwin practically *threw* the ***
ball at my feet on command. He's still not perfect
(just a pup, after all, and he's stubborn enough to
want to push and test me a little bit more).

For what it's worth, I can see (as no doubt you have)
how your usenet manner is likely to rankle a few
folks, but that woman who advocates ear pulling and
beating with sticks deserves everything she gets. Even
if that was the only method that would work, I'd live
with my dog not fetching rather than do any of that.
(Darwin fetches enthusiastically and instinctively,

Best, ben


Re: Barking Deterrants Needed...

Hi. Please understand that I do not know Jerry and have
spoken with him briefly once by email.

I have no stake or interest in the success of  his
business.  I simply want to thank him publicly for one
of his tips, with regards to separation anxiety.

I thought it seemed far fetched to praise a stuffed
animal and then say good bye to my own dog, but
I am usually a very open minded person, so I tried it.
Well, lo and behold- the damn trick worked!

I think Jerry has some intriguing techniques, and
personally I think everyone who constantly criticizes
him is not understanding his logic. Thank you Jerry!


Jeremy writes:

"A customer recently purchased a Shiba Inu and I suspect
she may be in for a wild ride.  This is a breed that I suspect
may respond particularly well to mutual respect style

The alpha complex (as I now call it) is likely to
really provoke the dog's naturally competitive nature.

Thanks 1000 times for opening my eyes and don't let
those ***s get you down.  I can't be the only person
that sees the sense in your methods. I'm in Windsor,
Ontario, Canada and pass your info to anyone it might
help" Thanks, Jeremy.


Subject: Re: Crate Anxiety
Newsgroups: rec.pets.dogs.behavior
Date: 2002-04-04 12:56:23 PST

Try Jerry Howe's training manual and check out his Doggy
Do Right (And Kitty Will And A Rooster Did And A***atoo
Or Two Did Too) machine....it is for this.

Please do not listen to the others in here that don't like
him or his methods, they have never tried them....I  have
and it works!!!!

I broke my dog from nipping almost 100% in 1 day and
she usually does this SEVERAL times a day and actually
makes my kids bleed!

Try it or contact him!  The manual is at the above website
also, and it is free!




leaving alone

Post by Jerry How » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 05:15:36

INDEEDY~ But you won't have to mail him, he'll be reading my posts first.

Your Puppy Wizard. <YPW;~:}

> do you mean  professor marshall lev dermer of university of wisconsin? can
> mail him?

> > Ask professor dermer, he knows all about anxiety.

> > > i have a dobermann ***, which doesnt stay alone in the flat without
> > > screeming. she isnt afraid (i can leave her alone in the evening). i
> > think
> > > she just wants to terrorize me. what can i do?