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Post by DSmith25 » Thu, 24 Oct 1996 04:00:00

David Smith                                              919-537-9222
1039 E. 10th St.                                        919-537-3125 (fax)


To: All Rescue Contacts

Dear Rescue Contact,

     I am putting together a list of every AKC club that has a rescue
program and their pertinent information. If your club has a rescue program
and would like that information listed please complete the enclosed form
and return it to the above address. As usual I am working against a time
limit with the printers so please return it ASAP.

    I have also enclosed a sheet for info on your parent club. To make
sure  we get complete coverage please complete both forms. Please make a
special effort to list e-mail addresses on any contact who has one. This
wonderful technology  will save your club and me lots of money we would
normally spend on phone calls and mail.

Sincere thanks,

David Smith