An ARBA response (finally!) and my reply

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An ARBA response (finally!) and my reply

Post by bbur.. » Sat, 23 Mar 1996 04:00:00

The comments that begin with '>' are the full text of a response by one
of ARBA's board members to my open letter "Is ARBA Dead".  The rest is
my reply...  Enjoy!!!


March 22, 1996

Dear Howard,

This letter is being sent to you electronically as well as being
posted on the Internet.  It is in response to your message traffic
on America Online as we as you mail message to me.

> yes, Cherry Blossom and all other Arba shows are on!!

Howard, how can you even say this with a straight face!  Are
you so caught up in John's lies that you cannot see the truth?  
For YOUR information, while John claims the show site is the
same as it been in past years, as of last Tuesday, the National
Park service had not yet received ARBA's application for the
site.  I don't see how a show there going to happen when you
don't even have a location confirmaed!  John is claiming
Pedigree will be back as the sponsor.  Well, you'd better check
with Pedigree on this.  They're telling all those who ask that
there's NO WAY their name will be associated with ARBA!  
Also, would you mind telling me how you're going to get FCI
judges at the show when they've been BANNED by FCI from
judging in ANY non-FCI country, in particular, the United
States.  And where's the money coming from.  ARBA doesn't
have any.  Are you going to demand that everyone pre-enter
for four shows like you did last year. I sorry, I just don't see
anyone buying in to this given the shaky condition ARBA is in
right now.  What guarantee does any one have that the show
will take place and if it doesn't, how they will get their money
back!  Its just not going to happen Howard; you've been
feeding on John's BS for much too long!

> We just came  from Arba show and tournament in San

Diego.  Very successful !!!  

Well, let's see.  The Tournament was four hours late starting.  
John nearly got arrested for trying to break in to the show site.  
None of the paperwork was done beforehand.  A volunteer had
to take over management of the show.  John cussed out the
PONS people because they were foolish enough to ASK when
the points were going to be posted they NEVER were!).  Three
judges quit prior to the show and replacements hired on short
notice.  It goes on and on....  That doesn't sound very
successful to me!

The following is in response to the three lines of unsigned e-
mail you sent me:

>Five pages is not a "brief" letter about ARBA.

My only reference to being brief was the statement on my

>Dog shows are supposed to be fun, if it isn't, just don't come.  

You're right Howard, they are supposed to be fun.  And
honest.  And ethical.  ARBA shows ARE NOT!! I've made it
quite clear that I will  not support ARBA until the changes I
have outlined take place. Nor will I fund ARBA with anymore
membership money.  You get nothing in return.  For instance,
last year, for the $20.00 membership fee that BOTH my wife
and I paid, we received exactly on copy of the Rarity.  That's a
little pricey for us

> You seemed to enjoy it when you were winning.

I think I made myself very clear on this matter when I wrote
my open letter.  I can still walk in to ANY ring today and win
Howard.  However, winning is not everything, FAIRNESS in
judging is!  If the final outcome of any ring, group or best in
show is predetermined by politics, favoritism, etc. then what's
the point. I notice that you DO NOT deny my charges this has
been going on.

You'd better come off that high and mighty attitude Howard if
you expect ARBA to have any chance of recovery.  I'm just
one person and while I  make no difference to ARBA, if
everyone felt the way I do, there will no longer be anyone
attending the shows.  I have a lot of friends in the rare breed
world and you cannot believe the response I have gotten to my
letter.  Out of literally hundreds of messages I have received,
YOURS is the only one, in any way, that disagrees with what I
said!  These people DO make a difference.  If they don't come
to the shows, then there will be no more need for ARBA!  You
people seem to have forgotten this.

I want to comment on one more thing.  Your message header
subject states that your message is in response  to my "fiction".  
Howard, the open letter speaks for itself.  There is no fiction.
Everything I stated can be verified.  The only fiction in this
matter is that the spews from your and John's mouth.  You
people don't know to tell the TRUTH and until you learn that
this is what people demand, you will have no credibility in the
dog world!

I have to ask anyone who reads this, is this the kind of
response we should expect from duly elected director of
ARBA or is it more a view as to how arrogant these people
have become?

Barry H. Burton

P.S. I'm NOT afraid to sign my name Howard.  What about