somethings fishy with my dogs vet trips!

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somethings fishy with my dogs vet trips!

Post by Jay Moble » Sat, 27 Jun 1998 04:00:00

    Just looking for some opinions here.

        My girlfriend and I are rather upset. About 3 weeks ago our dog
(rott, shepherd mix) was playing and dislocated her hip. We took her to
the emergency room where after some discussion she was X-rayed. After
review of the X-ray and our options, the dog was given something to put
it to sleep and its hip was popped back into place and bandaged up so
that it could heal.
    After about 10 days the bandage came off, and we allowed her to walk
around with her leg in a more comfortable position, and discouraged her
from any amount of activity. Unfortunately it didn't work and her hip
came out again (this time at a more reasonable hour of the day) So we
took her to a Vet to have surgery on the hip. The procedure from what I
understand entails sawing off the ball of the legbone so that ther is
nothing there to pop out of the socket. Any way The Vet, Dr Frisbee,
asked to see the X-rays from the emergency room, and said that if
anything new turned up he would call us. We were very pleased with this
doctor and left hoping for the best.
    We didn't recieve a call that day. We didn't recieve a call the next
day. So we called them. The receptionist asked what animal we were
calling about and when we told her she was suprised that no one had
called us yet. She said that the dog was ready for us and when we asked
to speak to the doctor the lady screamed
    "I need a doctor up here!"
    The man who answered the phone was a doctor, he was the doctor that
preformed the surgery, but he wasn't Dr Frisbee.
    This was Dr. Allen
    Dr. Allen in my opinion should have been a dentist, cuz getting
information out of him was like pulling teeth!
    What we ended up finding out from Dr. Allen, once we established
that the animal we were talking about was in fact a Dog, and sould be
refered to as a "SHE" as opposed to the masculine tense he was using,
had displastic hips and would need surgery on the other hip. My
girlfriend who was talking to him on the phone was furious at his lack
of competence and his unwillingness to volenteer infromation about her
    So we went to pick up the dog and talk to this quack (pardon my bias
terms). when we got there they still thought our dog was a cat. and once
we got that straightened out We got to speak to Dr Allen. We complained
to him about the lack of a call to us when the dog was ready. We
complained that he should have called us when he found out that the hip
was displastic from the x-rays, and we should have been infromed of the
change of Dr.'s to operate on our dog!
    But wait there's more!
    Then he showed us the x-rays. The X-rays from the Emergency room,
and the X-rays this clinic took claimed that they were from the same
dog, but ....well  .... night and day.. Dr. allen who had not noticed
this difference untill now even admitted that these two x-rays HAD to be
of different dogs.

    So Im soliciting opinions.. what do I do.. who do I yell at... Im
furious... is there a vetranary association that doles out vet licences
... or handles mal-practice claims.. Someone help!