UPDATE: Am Bulldog SF Bay Area

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UPDATE: Am Bulldog SF Bay Area

Post by Juanita Fri » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Thanks to all of you who were moved by the plight of the American Bulldog
who was under threat of being taken to the Santa Clara pound.

We received many helpful phone numbers and suggestions from caring
doglovers. Thank you, all of you, very much. Thanks especially to Marcia
Sakrison (sorry to massacre the spelling of your name!) for her concern,
time, and and much-appreciated donation. We in Pet Network are genuinely
moved by the spirit of community and activism in this caring group of

The good news is that American Bulldog rescue in Sacramento, CA, is going
to take him. He is being neutered today (also thanks to Marcia) and taken
to Sacramento tomorrow.

Thanks again to all.