dogsitting, anyone?

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dogsitting, anyone?

Post by Troy Ca » Mon, 16 Nov 1998 04:00:00


> I have two dogs, a chow mix(2yrs) and a shep mix(10mos), both just under 50lbs.
>They are both fully vaccinated (rabies, parvo, kennel cough ect), on heartworm
>preventitive, but not spayed. ... they were both rescue animals

Sorry to hear of your predicament. I'm concerned stated
that both mixes are rescue dogs, yet both are intact?? I don't know
*any* rescue that releases dogs intact.  Where did you get them?

The refusal of dog owners to spay/neuter is a major cause of unwanted
dogs, especially mixes like yours .  Also concerned that you don't
state that your unspayed females must be kept where they can't be
accidentally bred during heat cycles...I don't know of many people who
would offer to help, with them being unspayed, since protecting them
during heats is such a major lot of work and hassle.

I would suggest immediately spaying both of your girls. Low-cost spays
should be available through the SPCA/shelter.  As for where to keep
them temporarily, that's a tough one.