Dogsitting for six months

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Dogsitting for six months

Post by Dennis Dur » Tue, 27 Jul 1993 11:37:16


A close friend is going away for about six months and cannot
take his treasured Kona with him. I like this dog a lot, and
have agreed to care for her while he is gone. He has closed
up his apartment and has been camping out in mine for about
a week now, with Kona.

He works out of his home usually, so is there with her nearly
all of the time. She and I get along really well (for over 6
months), and I like this dog a lot.

However, not having had a dog since I was a child, I have
several concerns:

1.      She has now pooped three times in the apartment,
        last night only 15 minutes after she was outside
        and neither pooped nor peed.

        How can I house train her? She adopted him on the
        street about six months ago, so we really don't
        know her age. However, she has grown taller and
        heavier since then, so I think she is young.

2.      I can't take her with me on my job, and don't want
        to come home to pooped and peed on carpet, wrecked
        furniture, a howling pet, and an angry landlord.
        How do I house train her (he hasn't, and she
        sometimes has had these "accidents" at his place)?

3.      He leaves food in her bowl all day long. Would I
        be better off feeding her once a day only? Twice
        a day? Getting her on a regular walking
        schedule for bladder and bowel training?

4.      Fleas. He has been bathing her twice weekly for
        flea control. I understand that this only has
        a minimal benefit, since the fleas jump off her
        anyhow and relax in the carpet and furniture.
        Should I get fleabusters in right away?

5.      She was in heat about 5-7 weeks ago. When can I
        anticipate this again? He doesn't want to spay
        her for some reason or other.

6.      Thanks for any advice. She is a beautiful white
        creature, loving, a bit uncontrolled but is
        better controlled by me when walking than she
        is with him, so I think we'll work okay
        together. Kona weighs, I'd guess, about 55-
        60 pounds, and is about 18" at the shoulders
        I'd guess.
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Dogsitting for six months

Post by Kyler Lai » Tue, 27 Jul 1993 12:36:07

Get a crate - today.  Its benefits are enormous.