AVAIL SOCAL N.Central(LACity nr Dodger Stadium)CA Shelter List

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AVAIL SOCAL N.Central(LACity nr Dodger Stadium)CA Shelter List

Post by meansfam.. » Sun, 27 Feb 2000 04:00:00

north central los angeles (city shelter)
3201 lacy street (major cross street is figueroa)
lincoln heights (just northeast of downtown l.a.)
110 fwy - off at figueroa...right turn to avenue 26...left
at lacy direct:(213) 485-8855  toll-free:(888) 452-7381
open: tue. - sat. 8 am - 5 pm closed sun., mon., & holidays

these are some of the exceptional dogs at this high-kill
shelter near downtown l.a.:


min. schnauser - +4yrs
silver - beautiful, fullbred dog!!
imp#48607 (2/24)
avail 3/01 (owner turn in - shelter gives owner 1st rights for 1 hour
only on avail. date)

jack russell terrier x (card says cattle dog) - 1yr
white w/tan & black smooth coat
imp#54204 (2/24)
avail 3/01

lhasa x - +10yrs?
white/buff (shaved)
imp#55074 (2/15)
avail NOW

lhasa x - +4yrs?
white/black (shaved)
imp#55591 (2/15)
avail NOW

akita x (card says chow) - 8mos?
imp#52722 (2/22)
avail 2/26

australian shepherd x - 2yrs?
brown/white w/full tail...pretty dog
imp#48570 (2/24)
avail 2/26
card says "watch...fear biter"

boxer  - 9mos
brown/white looks purebred...calm
imp#48936 (2/23)
avail 2/29

cockapoo (could be lhasa?) +2yrs
golden - needs grooming
imp#55596 (2/18)
avail 2/29

german shepherd - +4yrs
imp#58199 (2/21)
avail NOW
note says "friendly" - a beautiful dog!!


brittany spaniel x - 2yrs - 25lbs
white w/apricot markings/full tail/delicate features
imp#48336 (2/23)
avail NOW
"may" is housebroken, good w/kids - a lovely dog!!

collie - 4mos.
white/gold, smooth coat
imp#53789 (2/18)
avail NOW
who can resist such a cutie??

cockapoo - +2yrs
tan - needs grooming
imp#48924 (2/18)
avail 2/29

golden retriever x (possibly w/shepherd) - 2yrs - spayed
golden w/brown tipped ears & face/long rough coat -
imp#48543 (2/22)
avail 2/26

golden retriever - +7yrs - spayed
imp#48934 (2/18)
avail 2/29

dalmation - age? - just had litter of 6 pups (all here at
imp#52859 (1/26)
possible owner...please call for avail date

rottweiller - 1yr
imp#50158 (2/19)
avail NOW
sweet, friendly girl!

as usual, there are simply too many puppies and *** dogs of mixed
parentage to list individually at this shelter. present litters include
dalmation x, shepherd x, am staff x, chow x, lab x.