Pet Alert Decals Save Pets Lives

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Pet Alert Decals Save Pets Lives

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Port Saint Lucie, Fl - Here's a simple way to help protect your family
pets in the event of a fire or emergency disaster. Pet Safety Alert
Inc. ("PSA") a manufacturer of Pet Safety products has created an eye
catching Pet Alert Fire Rescue static cling decal that can be placed
on any windows to alert Firefighters, Police or Emergency personnel to
save their pets inside in case of fire, hurricanes, floods or any
natural disaster that may happen. The vibrant bright red and white Pet
Alert decals with a Dalmatian Dog mascot named "Rescue Rover" wearing
a fireman hat say: "Pet Alert" Fire Rescue (Please Save our Pets) in
big bold bright white letters.

Thousands of family pets perish each year in home fires and other
disasters. Many pet deaths could be avoided if pet owners to the time
to place Pet Alert decals on windows. Having Pet Alert decals on
windows, gives the firefighters or police a better chance of informing
them about how many and what type of pets that are inside when they
arrive on the scene that need to be rescued in case of fire or
disaster. Having Pet Alert decals on windows or sliding glass doors
can mean the split second difference between life and death for the
survival of your pet family member.

The 4" x 5" Pet Alert decals are printed with a bright vibrant red and
white color for EZ eye catching visibility, and are made of a strong
durable weather proof static cling vinyl material that will adhere to
any glass window surface and can easily applied, and are not like
regular adhesive stick on decals that can stay permanently attached.
Pet Alert decals can also be an added deterrent to unsuspecting
burglars that see the bright red and white decals on windows, thinking
twice before trying to break into your home, knowing that there are
pets inside that might attack or alert them of their presence. Don't
leave your pets home without them......

There is no price you can pay to protect and save a pet family member.
It's Priceless!

Please take a minute to visit us at and see why
our professionally designed and packaged "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert Fire
Rescue window decals can increase profits for your business, while
providing a quality lifesaving Pet Safety Alert product to your
customers to help protect their pets in case of a fire or disaster.

10 Reasons why your business should carry "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert
Fire Rescue Decals

* Hot Selling, Eye Catching Pet Safety Product - It Sells Itself
* Earn a 300% plus profit on every Pet Alert Decal Sale
* Best Top Quality Pet Alert Fire Rescue Decals on the Market
* Strong Static Cling Material (Not like adhesive stick on that cannot
be removed)
* Professionally Designed and Quality Packaged
* Decals Can Be Easily Applied and Removed Anytime, Anywhere
* Two Decals Inside Each Package
* Lifesaving Pet Safety Alert Product needed by all Pet Owners
* Great Impulse Buying Product
* Best Wholesale Pricing

It was a pleasure to introduce our "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert Fire
Rescue decals to your business. If you would like to place an order
please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Please visit us at our website at: or call
Brenda at: 561-502-2194.

Distributors and Sales reps welcomed!