pee pad question...I know I know..but pls help me!

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pee pad question...I know I know..but pls help me!

Post by ziauyw » Wed, 31 Aug 2011 13:21:49

I have to paper train my puppy because I don't own a private yard/lawn
and my condo is dog friendly so i'm not comfortable taking my puppy
outside on the grass where 100 other dogs have beeen cuz she's not

I've been trying to do pee pad training for the past 3 weeks, and it
works great when it's in her play pen (confined area for when I go to
work). However, if I put out another paper pad right outside her playpen
(ex. right next to her usual pee pad, but outside the crate because I'm
playing with her on the floor), and I'll dab some urine on it so she can
smell it (I've even tried this with the attractant spray), she still
chooses to pee on the floor. she'll pee anywhere BUT the paper pad
(literally all around it)....but when she's confined, she ALWAYS pees on
the paper pad. I put the pad on the floor outside because if I'm with
her she won't voluntarily go inside her confinement pen as she'd rather
be with me, so I want her to have an option outside her crate to pee.
I'm so confused, how do I fix this until I can train her to go outside?
(i.e. in 2 months).

Please help!! Thank you!!