CHAT: Dead Elvis Week

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CHAT: Dead Elvis Week

Post by jces.. » Tue, 06 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Hi Y'all

My mommy was on vacation last week, so we didn't get to read the posts from all
you doggies and hoomins until today.  Vacations are WON:DERFULLLL.  Mommy
cleaned closets and I he'ped by pulling things out of garbage bags that she had
put in there!  And we took napsnapsnaps on the BED <Poco snuggled up to my
front, sleeping like a puppy>  We went for lots of w*a*l*k*s < I have to spell
it or she goes nuts> and on Catterday we went to SKOOL.  Everybody there
thought I was beootiful and playedandplayed with me.  I met lots of doggies who
all wanted to smell me but I was shy.  There were TWO SWMBOs but they weren't
mean like the SWMBO at my last skool <The last traniner used to jerk Poco 2
feet off the floor when giving a correction--thic class is much more humane and
Poco seems to be learning better without the jerks--both hoomin and leash
jerks>  Partypartyparty alert:: August is the month of the big Uncle Elvis
party in Memfus for hoomins, so us doggies could get together for "dead elvis
week" too!  BTW, has there already been a sell-a-bray-shun for Molly's good
news?  Maybe we could cum-bine them? WIll keep you posted on skool:  No, Sit,
Sit-Stay, Come.....all these things to 'member!

Poco (the amazing wonder puppy)