Chad Andrew Herring Subject: ninnyboy ATTN: Mark SHAW Regarding Jerry's Tiring Tirade

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Chad Andrew Herring Subject: ninnyboy ATTN: Mark SHAW Regarding Jerry's Tiring Tirade

Post by Jerry How » Sat, 28 Dec 2002 17:38:58

HOWEDY disciple cad,

I don't even need to repy to your posts to discredit you,
you've done that remarkably well yourself for me:

Subject: ninnyboy ATTN: Mark SHAW Regarding Jerry's Tiring Tirade
Date: 2002-06-06 18:14:36 PST

Hi Jerry et. Al (and specifically Mark, as I have a question for you

Sorry this is not properly indented. Had to cut and past it a few times due
to computer issues...

>I recommend you start with the EZ ones, like Nevyn, who
>trained his two fighting female pit bull kelpie x's in 23 days not <snip>
>methods and tell them you want the scoop on Jerry and his

Jerry, you have a serious credibility problem with online, written
testimonials. That is the point. I know others have TRIED to verify these
authors (e.g. Sionnach and Elaine McClung...) but I don't know if they've
succeeded. And it's quite inconsequential whether they exist or not: the
question is whether they were helped by your innane banter or not, or
whether you usurped their personality and wrote pseudepigraphically. All
the google searching in the world will not help here, given your rabid
tendency to make up posts. That's why others have called for you to provide
verifiable info, and why I've annoyed you this far to see if you'll give
them that info. Personally, I don't care either way... But that's the just
of the request.

>Or ask Misty about her success curing biting and squawking
>in her***atoo from my wondrous machine. Yes chad, I've
>made history and haven't generally released the information,
>as that's what I've been compiling for three years.


<sarcasm> My God,
man! You post more ***here than anyone! Quite a feat, I'd say... And to a
ka-gillion other groups, too. But, of course, you've kept your information
to yourself these three years... </Sarcasm>

>marquis de "read
>koehler for content" shaw also had contact with Elaine who is
>currently Animal Commissioner of Brevard Co FL and board
>member of several charitable animal welfare organizations.

Here's my question: MARK, is this true? How did it go? What info can you

I know that there seems to actually be an Elaine person out there. If she
is verifible, that might make two, Jerry. Way-to-GO!

>You gonna call my students and customers liars, paid shills
>for Jerry and animal ***ers, chad? Or are you gonna call
>Jerry a liar like your pals do, thereby in fact calling my
>students and customers liars, paid shills for Jerry, and
>animal ***ers?

Jerry, I don't deign to use such language. And I really don't mean to be
offensive on this. I just think you've got a major credibility problem,
dude, and you get defensive when called on it. Reputable business folk have
no problem providing references. If you can provide such, I'm sure our
criticism will wither away, and things would be quite better for you, sir.

>THE SYNDROME is the perfect synergy of love, pride,
>desire, self will, greed, ego, fear, hate, arrogance,
>disbelief, jealousy, embarrassment, shame, guilt, anger,
>aversion, attraction, revulsion, change, permanence,
>enlightenment, insult, attrition, and conditioning.

Some of this is enlightening and sadly true; some of it is clearly bonkers.
A perfect synergy of change, permanence..insult, attrition, and
conditioning. Wow. Sounds way out there to me.

>the path," Bhagavad Gita, adapted by Krishna with
>permission, from His FREE copy of my FREE Wits'
>End Dog Training Method manual.

Thanks for quoting Hindu holy writ for me, Jerry. I doubt
Krishna would find the wisdom in your manual, though...

>Now you know HOWE COME professor scruff
>shake's little dog ***s compulsively on his couch
>if he doesn't get his five miles of road work every day.
>Our professor of ANAL-ytic behaviorism JERRYIZED his
>own dog and the archives will verify I've never told an
>untruth on our forums and

Now, you've included this so many times in your posts it is almost part of
your .sig file. You must be completely burned by these folks....

>Now let's apply that to our children and schools. That's
>HOWE COME I've been introducing our MENSA People
>to the Nature of the Beast. *** in the guise of
>discipline begets MOORE *** and violates TRUST
>in the very PEOPLE our children are supposed to be
>emulating instead of IMMOLATING as we're seeing with
>our own eyes.

Immolation: another eastern theme. Nothing against it, frankly, just
intersting to glean more information about your past and thinking. But, as
I said in another post, I think you've combined these with a nihilistic
trend that is dangerous and, frankly, inconsistent. Why even care about
what people do with their dogs, Jerry? If we are transcending life and
death, why care? Why Bother.

Oh, and I am SURE that the mensa folk just greatly appreciate your cross
posts...which is why they've requested, quite politely and with proper
grammar, that you STOP.

>The BIOSOUND Scientific Elves send their regards as do I. Jerry.

*chuckle* *chuckle* *snort*.

P.S.:What makes your elves scientific? Just curious...

Chad Andrew Herring
University of Chicago Divinity School
Theological Ethics Program
Oak Park, IL