Stupidest Thing Your Dog Has Done

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Stupidest Thing Your Dog Has Done

Post by audra dibe » Wed, 30 Nov 1994 12:35:55

 Our Irish Setter, Lady, was raised in a tire shop.  If you know
anything at all about Irishers, you know that they are vengeful
creatures who get angry if left alone for what they consider is too
long a time.  Well, that sets up the story--my husband left Lady in
the shop one night, with the entire building to herself.  When he went
in the next morning, she had bitten through EVERY air line in the
shop!  My husband turned the main power switch on and they were
flipping around in the air like snakes.  Lady stood beside him,
watching, and biting her lips in consternation.

Or how about the time she ran up to the CEO of a major tire company
and ever so nicely jumped up and put her paws on his shoulders and
stood quite demurely right there, looking into his face oh! so

And then there's the time a neighbor gave us a rather new couch for
the office of the tire shop, and Lady, again left alone in the
building for what she thought was entirely too long, ate the entire
middle of the couch.

Ah, yes!  There's also the time that my husband stopped the car to let
her out, and rather than simply relieving herself of Nature's need,
she found an opportunity to roll around in what we later determined
was human shit.  (Don't ask how we figured that one out.)

Then there's the time she was so happy about riding in the truck that
she wouldn't get out to pee, she wouldn't get out to pee, she wouldn't
get out to pee...oops!  She peed right there in the passenger seat
where she was, and looked quite guiltily at my husband while it was
happening, if I remember the story correctly.

Also, she loved to chase rocks (Again, another thing not to ask
about).  Some mean-hearted employees knew this about her, and got her
all interested in one particular rock they had.  Then they threw it in
a mud puddle, and sure enough, Lady's head went in the puddle and she
came out as the world's first chocolate-coated Setter, but she had
that damned rock!

And one last one--please humor me.  She loved to chase rolling tires
almost as much as she loved to chase rocks.  One day, a load of tires
came in from a truck that was heading west out of Johnstown,
Pennsylvania, where we lived.  Lady got so involved in chasing rocks
through their entire rolling life-span from truck into store, that she
ended up getting locked in the truck.  The driver honestly didn't know
she was in there, and none of us knew she was gone until we were
closing up for the day.  Finally, we figured out about the shipment,
and hoping and wishing that she was OK and in that truck, we called
the truck's next stop.  Sure enough, the company's owner there called
us back about an hour later to say that there was a red dog in the
truck when it came in.  My husband drove to Ohio that night to get
that old sack of red bones.  In the same car he carried her
poop-covered self home in after the shit-rolling incident.

Thanks for hearing me out.  She was the best girl in the world, and we
miss her so much.  I just want her back again.  She died this past
May, a 14-year-old matriarch mixed with clown right to the very end.



Stupidest Thing Your Dog Has Done

Post by Gai Trewinnard-speight, Prentice Cent » Fri, 02 Dec 1994 19:56:44

Sorry to hear about Lady.:(

I think the silliest thing my Max has done was when I was at my old house.
The Kitchen was at the end of a long hallway and it had linoleum on the floor
and Max, being a typical***er is very hyper all the time.  His fave trick was
to come running at full tilt up the hall and into the kitchen where he'd loose
grip and slid across the room. More often than not into a wall.:)
Talk about stupid. He thought it was the best game.

he has never had a lot of luck with smooth floors.  I remember once geeing him
up when he was in the kitchen once and he tried to take off and didin't go



Stupidest Thing Your Dog Has Done

Post by Jennifer Horsm » Sat, 03 Dec 1994 06:24:03

My new housemate has a dog named Isaac. I am finding that he can
be really stupid sometimes. This isn't necessarily stupid, but it
is very funny. Isaac is always really wound up. He has lotsandlots
of energy. Most of the time he is running around and playing, but
whenever he stops moving around, he immediately starts to fall
asleep. It never fails. Even when he is sitting in the kitchen,
waiting for something yummy to fall to the ground, he starts to
fall asleep. Kind of like when you are in a really boring class -
your head starts to nod and your eyelids get heavy. His eyelids
will slooooooowly close and his head lowers just as slowly.

Also, like Max, the***er, he has a hard time with smooth floors
and we have hardwood floors. Isaac is always sliding around corners
and cruising on rugs. He gets embarassed about it really easily. If
he slips, he immediately tries to correct himself and act as if
nothing happened. He looks back over his shoulder to see if you are
looking, and if indeed you are, he will run off to some other part
of the house and run back. He is a really great dog and a great
housemate (very entertaining).



Stupidest Thing Your Dog Has Done

Post by amy young-leit » Mon, 05 Dec 1994 14:00:09


>he has never had a lot of luck with smooth floors.  I remember once geeing him
>up when he was in the kitchen once and he tried to take off and didin't go

My childhood buddy Tobie, a***er, used to do this too.  He finally
got used to the fact that if he was in the kitchen and he wanted to
change directions quickly, he'd have to start preparing early.  =-)  

Bijou likes to lay on our kitchen floor now and play, and when she
sits down her ***will frequently head the opposite direction because
the floor is very slick.  Instead of stiffening up or moving to
another position she'll walk her front legs backwards so she can keep
up with her migrating behind!  It's hilarious to see.

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Stupidest Thing Your Dog Has Done

Post by Stephanie Duns » Thu, 08 Dec 1994 05:54:36

This didn't happen to my dog, but I have a friend who swears this is
true. My friend says that when he was in grad school several years ago, he
and his roomates had a puppy. When ever the dog messed in the apartment,
they where using that old technique of rubbing her face in it and then
taking her outside. They
lived in a first story apartment and soon realized that instead of taking
the dog out after rubbing her face in her mess, they could just toss her
out the window: this saved them the trouble of taking her out and
added--they thought--additional insult to the punishment. (My friend
assures me that the distance between the window and the ground was
minimal, so there was no chance of the dog getting hurt when she was
tossed.) This approach to training continued for a while with little
positive result: the dog was still messing in the house. But the dog was
obviously learning something because one day, she walked into the room
where my friend and his roomates were sitting and very proudly took a
crap, rubbed her own nose in it, and jumped out the window!

Stupidest Thing Your Dog Has Done

Post by CarolPronovos » Fri, 09 Dec 1994 09:34:35