WOOFCHAT: Welcome back Max and Happy New Year

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WOOFCHAT: Welcome back Max and Happy New Year

Post by Dixie Bla » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi Max!!!! *wink* *wink*

I know you have missed a bundle of stuff and junk 'cause you
are archieve-deprived.

There are loads and loads of new *wink* *wink* friends on the
The bulldogs have multiplied and arisen again to call us *gasp*
fuzzy-butts... eat your hearts out guys.
Some idiot "wolf" has decided to disrupt the group but still
doesn't measure up to our old friend Bob Christ.

And the group is just wearing themselves to the chew-bones
trying to find the appropriate high-bread wolf for a 7th
grade class to play with.

And (no don't you dare tell a soul!!) but mom forgot to buy
ME extra dog food and spent Christmas eve cooking a supplement
for what she had left.... yep... ground sirloin and rice!!!
Ummmmm... I love it and forgot that I was a delicate eater...
but keep this to yourself... 'cause mom says my next meal will
be ground dogmeat if I spill the PTUI beans.

HehHehHeh... no problem... you should have heard the empty
threats she made to me when I was a puppy and chewing up the
third hot tub cover....

Oh ... and YES!!! ... I am going to have a new cousin...
human-auntie Mary Anne is adopting a beagle-type dog from
people who posted in r.p.d.rescue and everone is soooooo
e***d. So, say hello to Holly Jane (we're a double name
family, ya know). But she probable won't answer back 'cause
human-auntie Mary Anne is computer-deprived.

Hugs and***s.... your everlovin'

Amber Lee (1-4MBG, MaxGirlfriendNumberOne, QueenOfUniverse, GBOTW
   WGW, and fuzzy-***extraordinaire)