Clearfield County, PA SPCA Calendar contest

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Clearfield County, PA SPCA Calendar contest

Post by Dwayne Bail » Sun, 20 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I have volunteered to forward this to UseNet from the Collie mailing
list.  Please contact the originator of this message,

the answers. <G>

Begin forwarded message:

Our local shelter the Clearfield County SPCA has a web site and has
incorporated their yearly Pet Calendar Contest into the site.  This is
a small shelter that operates strictly on donations and money raised
by the efforts of the members.  We receive no state, local, or federal
tax money. You can help by visiting the site and voting in the
Calendar Contest.  Go to:

That is the homepage and links to the calendar contest.  For each one
of you who votes, our local ISP has agreed to donate ten cents to the
shelter. Please take a minute to visit and vote.  There are lots of
pretty dogs and cats to see. There are even a couple collies you can
vote for <G>  Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Pam Smith

End forwarded message