AVAIL SoCal Devore(nr San Bernardino, CA)Shelter List

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AVAIL SoCal Devore(nr San Bernardino, CA)Shelter List

Post by meansfam.. » Mon, 31 Jan 2000 04:00:00

It is very sad that this shelter only keeps strays for three days and
then the animals are available for adoption the next day and can be
euthanized on the fifth day.  This is a CASH ONLY shelter and most
adoption fees are $67.00 without a license (if you don't live in their
jurisdiction of Fontana or certain areas of San Bernardino County).

Cage # 1 there was a female AussieX that bit someone.  The shelter staff
was very kind and showed me this dog as a possible candidate for
adoption even though she was in isolation for biting.  Shelter thought
maybe the bite was minor.  She is red merle smooth coat with blue eyes
and is very cute and personable.  Her impound date was 1/27/00, so she
has to remain there for ten days.  Per the new law, rescue that is
nonprofit could adopt her if the owner releases her, I suppose.  She is
about 35 or 40 pounds.

The rest of the dogs are in the general population of the kennels as

Cage 46 Rottweiler, tage # 84, female, available 1/30
Cage 45 Schnauzer? female, grey, unknown when available, not wearing a
tag #
Cage 46 Queensland Healer, female, blue merle, available 1/29
Cage 42 Gordon Setter or X?, Black, female, tag # 58, unknown when
Cage 50***er Spaniel female, Black, available 2/1
Cage 33, Rottweiler, female, unknown when available
Cage 33, Siberian Husky, available 2/3
Cage 34, Chihuahua mix, tag #763, unknown when available
Cage 38, Rottweiler, tag #102, available 1/31
Cage 23, Shar Pei, available 1/30
Cage 24, Dalmatian, tag #85, available 1/30
Cage 25, Siberian Husky, available 2/1
Cage 27, Collie, rough, purebred, shaved, tag #995, available 2/2,
Stephen Colley called
Cage 26, Border CollieX, tag #90, available 1/30
Cage 27, Black Lab, tag #99, available 1/30
Cage 29, Rottweiler, tag #467, available 1/29
Cage 12, Rottweiler, male, tag #95, available 1/30
Cage 13, Rottweiler, male, tag #571, available unknown
Cage 18, Poodle/LhasaX, tag #51, available 1/30
Cage 20, Mastiff, male, brindle, owner coming to get him?