Home urgently needed for neutered male Pomeranian.NB

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Home urgently needed for neutered male Pomeranian.NB

Post by South Eastern New Brunswick Virtual Animal Shelt » Wed, 22 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Simba the Pomeranian needs a home desperately!

When anyone speaks to Simba, he listens very carefully, and tilts his head
side to side as if to say "I'm smart and I'm*** on every word you
say". There's no doubt that this very affectionate little guy is craving
love and attention, and wants to enter a loving home as soon as possible.
Poor little Simba has been having so much trouble these past months,
trying to find the truly loving home he deserves.

At seven years old, Simba, in spite of being of a very popular breed (a
purebred Pomeranian), is a little older than the most adoptable dogs at
the shelter (the puppies) and so is having a hard time finding a good
home. People don't want to give Simba a chance, they say he's "too old".
We've tried to explain to people that Simba is very healthy for his age,
and is effectively only middle aged.

Simba has many many good years ahead of him, but folks don't seem to think
another 7-12 years with Simba is enough. But poor Simba may never have the
chance to become an old little Pom unless we can find him a home soon...
you see Simba's running out of time.

Simba was given up by his first owners, after years of loyal service as a
loving little family dog, because they no longer wanted to care for him.
The first person who adopted him from the Moncton SPCA shelter, brought
him back because she said he wouldn't listen to her. But she didn't even
give Simba more than a week or so to adjust to his new owner, the poor boy
didn't have a chance and he tried so hard. The second owner to adopt Simba
from the Moncton SPCA returned him because she claims he didn't like her
cats. She, like the first adoptive parent, also didn't give Simba more
than a week or so to adjust to his new home, and never gave him a chance
to get used to the cats (who didn't like Simba much either and who gave
him a good scratch).

Poor little Simba, all he needs is a quiet home, with folks who will
lavish him with attention and be patient with him while he adjusts to his
new home. Simba has so much going for him. He's neutered, he's healthy,
he's very well trained, he's very smart and most of all... he's sooo

Won't you give Simba a chance to steal your heart? Won't you ask your
friends and loved ones if they might have room in their life to offer a
permanent home for Simba? This little boy deserves another chance, with
owners who understand and love him... Please, if you can help Simba...
call or visit the Moncton SPCA at ...

Tel: 1-(506)-857-8698                                                          

The Moncton SPCA hours are...
Weekdays 8:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Weekends 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Closed on most statutory holidays.

They are located in the Caledonia Industrial Park

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