trying to find home for my besenji

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trying to find home for my besenji

Post by Richard J. Fin » Tue, 10 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have a female basenji with a very nice white and auburn coat.  She'll
be a year old at the end of this December.  I can no longer keep her in
my apartment or at my parents' house.  If anyone would be interested in
adopting her please let me know.

        In case you've never heard of basenjis they're very interesting little
dogs... about the size of a sheltie or Scottish terrier.  They're
African hunting dogs and they're best known for their inability to
bark.  They can yodel and make other noises... but they're pretty quiet
compared to most dogs.  They're full of energy and love to play.  Mine
is even fond of playing with cats.  They're also intensely curious and
hate to be left alone... so much so that when left alone they intently
focus on being with other dogs or people.  Short wooden fences aren't
going to hold them back.

        Mine is fairly house broken (she rarely makes a mistake) but she does
need some more training.  I work to much to give the kind of attention a
pet deserves.

Richard J. Finn