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Great Food - Great Site

Post by Sheldon S. Goodma » Sat, 06 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I wanted to share with you all my experiences with Flint River Ranch
dog and cat food. I first want to state that I am NOT a distributor and
am making no money on this!  I was looking for a new food for my VERY
finicky cat and dog and came across the web site at  

I sent for the free sample, not expecting much but both my cat and my
dog (whom I literally have to force feed) inhaled it!  I ordered a bag
for each of them and they are both eating well and I am happy because
it is a premium (healthy) food and I don't have to play food games with
them to get them to eat.  The distributor I ordered through, Sierra, is
very helpful and ready to answer all my questions.  Her web site is
very thorough and gives all the ingredients and breakdowns of the cat
and dog food.  I told her to post here but she said she has seen other
distributors post here and she didn't think it was right to advertise
here, so I am doing it for her.  I suggest you give the site a visit,