Doggie Bed for dog house

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Doggie Bed for dog house

Post by Frank Cros » Sun, 03 Dec 1995 04:00:00

>Has anyone got any suggestions on what I can do to provide them a soft spot in
>there house that they can't drag out??

> I'm especially concerned about my Rott pup cause she gets stiff easy.  Has
>anyone used a cushion made with Cedar chips?  I heard they also help control
>freas and ticks and they do not mold or mildew -- probably dry fast too.


I have had a cedar filled dog cushion for about 8 years.  It
doesn't get constant use, but it has held up very well.  Molly
chewed one small rip in it one time, but otherwise it is still
perfect.  The cover can be removed and washed (the chips are in
some thin type of fiber bag), but when I do this, I have to shake
out a lot of cedar dust.  Usually I just the run the vacuum
brush over the whole cushion to clean it.

Don't know how it would be outside, never tried it.

K Crosby