ARBA shows: Clarification on classes/CAC-US?

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ARBA shows: Clarification on classes/CAC-US?

Post by Liz Brig » Wed, 23 Nov 1994 09:59:06

Having shown in my first show in the USA this weekend, I am now totally
confused as to what I may or may not have won! Britain seemed so much
simpler :)

We entered in Bred By Exhibitor. The dog in puppy had gone home, and
the dog in Open had moved up earlier that weekend to Breed Club. So
we were the only dog that was not a breed club or ARBA champion. We got
a first place cert. with Excellent circled, and the Winners Dog ribbon.
I'm still with it so far....

We leave the ring. Both the puppy ***es had left for home, and the
*** in open had never turned up. So there was no Winners ***. the
judge moves on to Breed Club. In that class are a dog and a ***, both
Breed club champions, but not ARBA champions. while judging of this
class is in progress, the steward calls us over, and says, "Did you get
one of these?" holding out a CAC-US! We say no, and take it.

The judge then calls us back in, we run round with the Breed club class
dog and ***, they both get given first place certs. and CAC-USes too,
and they get told to stay for Best of Breed, we don't. In Best of Breed,
the *** from Breed Club gets a ribbon with Best of Winners on it!

It seems to me, we got a CAC-US by mistake, and the *** got a BoW by
mistake. Can anyone clear this up?

   --Liz and Kim the Tibetan Mastiff.