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Post by ChVett » Thu, 23 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Arooo! Willow

I am so glad to find a klub to join! I am old Shadow Crabby Bassetlabby, an'
 when I was just a young pupper I got a whole nest of baby skwrls what fell
 from a tree n a windstorm. Well, I didn't eat 'em, but I hastened 'em to a
 quick end! If I recall correactly there were three or four of 'em. Mydad was
 technicolor barkin' at me an Mom was *** dis-gusted! But I just didn't want
 those baby skwrls to have long lingering wait to go to the Bridge (yep, Squire
 told us there ARE skwrls at the Bridge!!), so I just sorta helped em get there
 a little faster. Does this qualify me for bein' a member of SQUEAK?!

Shadow Crabby Bassetlabby (aka, "Dear Crabby")
for doggie-advice, just ask an old ***