squeak toys

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squeak toys

Post by Stev » Fri, 09 Jul 2004 11:01:13

my dog loves squeak toys, but she destroys them too fast.   Does
anyone know of any really tough squeak toys?      We already have the
kong toys, rope toys, etc,  but the toys that make noise are her
favorite.   thanks

squeak toys

Post by Jo Wo » Fri, 09 Jul 2004 14:25:57

There is  a funny-looking new ball that, in the large size, seems quite
durable... and it squeaks.  One version is a smooth white ball with two
feet (shoes) protruding beside each other!!!!!  The other is a smooth
red ball, with the feet and two very tiny cone-shaped protrusions
(devil's horns).  It comes in two sizes that I have seen... about 3 3/4
to 4 inches in diameter, plus feet, and one half that size.  The large
ball is pretty thick with a very raucus squeaker.  It is NOT a chew toy,
however... supervise play and put away at end of session....

Our canine play group of medium/large dogs LOVE this ball....
Australian Shepherds, Lab mix, Labs, and Boxer.... oh, yeh, and a
smaller greyhound.

Jo Wolf
Martinez, Georgia