pet mmedicine monthly alarm , fridge magnet.

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pet mmedicine monthly alarm , fridge magnet.

Post by mrhuntnpec » Sun, 15 Dec 2002 02:59:35

I have a chance to buy a huge quantity of these very cheap.
it is a fridge magnet with an electronic alarm that goes off once a
month to remind you to give your pet it's medicine.

If you are interested  in buying them to to resell please send me an
email. I can buy a huge quantitiy , but the deal won't be availaable
for more than a few days,maybe  a week who knows.

each one has 3 batteries, similar to a watch battery.

I don't want to fill my garage with these things, and I won't unless I
have them already sold.

 basically I just saw a great deal, and can see an opportunity to make
some qiuck money turning the whole lot over. I bought a hundred just
for fun, but I can get more of them.

please let me know if you are interested.
remove the extraletters from my email to reply.