Keeper and Me

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Keeper and Me

Post by Paulette B.Nol » Mon, 31 May 1999 04:00:00

Hello Everyone~

I have been working on a few little tricks with my canoe dog 'Keeper"

As some of you know she is a little petite 68 pounder,of two years old.

I have NEVER had a brown dog so small,it is really such a delight.

Anyway, yesterday was the 'Black Dog Parade" and my Keeper strutted....
She strutted on her rear legs!!
Not for more than 10 feet or so at a time,but she looked so cute.

Her other little "trick" is, I call her,(I'm standing) and honestly she
is just so ballerina" like,she will jump right in my arms,and put those
little front legs right around my neck.

Have a Safe Holiday Everyone

Paulette and Keeper...the amazing "circus dog" and the other three "big
Ati, Whistler & Belle~

Feeling like "Moondancing" while listening to Van's  great new album,
"Back On Top" still the "Brown Eyed Girl"

 A dogs life is too short...
    Their only fault really...